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VSI Series Sand Maker









Advanced Double-pump Oil Feeding and Lubricating System

VSI series sand maker is equipped with original German thin oil lubrication station which uses double oil pumps to guarantee the non-stop oil supply. VSI series sand maker can automatically stop operating when there is no oil flow or oil pressure. The oil cooling and heating devices can guarantee the bearing lubrication to be always at the optimal state and make the main shaft bearing maintain at constant temperature to completely avoid the bearing heating.

Hydraulic Device to Open the Cover Automatically

In consideration of the maintenance and part replacement during the production, SBM abandoned the traditional laggard cover opening modes of hoisting and manual jack, and introduced semi-automatic hydraulic system. Users only need to press the button to open the top cover of the machine and carry out the following operations. This system greatly reduces the manual labor intensity, which saves the labor cost and enhances the service efficiency.


Modular Structure of Rotor

The hammerhead and impact block on the rotor adopt modular design. If some quick-wear parts wear, the operator can only replace the worn modules separately, thus avoiding the waste of consumables and greatly reducing the cost of quick-wear parts' use and the replacement.

Split-type Periphery Guard Board

Based on the actual situations of production, SBM found that the periphery guard board wears at the middle part firstly. So if integral periphery guard board is used, when the middle part is seriously worn, the entire guard board must be replaced, which will increase the cost to use quick-wear parts. However, if the split-type design is adopted, when the middle part is worn, the board can still be used by exchanging the upper and lower ends, which greatly extends the service life of periphery guard board and reduces the cost of quick-wear parts.










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