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VU Integrated Sand-making System








Fully Enclosed System

The vertical tower-type system adopts totally enclosed structure and negative pressure dust control design which ensure no waste water, sludge, dust and noise during production, meeting the national environmental protection requirements.

Unique Grinding & Shaping Technology

Original grinding technology and cascade fall shaping technology are adopted to make the finished aggregates have reasonable grading and mellow grain shape, and effectively reduce the specific surface area and porosity of coarse and fine aggregates. In addition, dry powder removing technology is adopted to make the powder content in the finished sand adjustable and controllable.

Occupying Smaller Area

Intensified tower-type design occupies smaller area (the main structure only occupies 400m2). Combining air screening with dry screening technologies sharply enhances the screening efficiency and reduces the blocking faults. High-strength alloy is used to greatly extend the service life of quick-wear parts and effectively reduce the maintenance downtime.

More Returns on Investment

SBM's VU System can process the cheap and easily available "aggregate chips" and "Guamishi" (a kind of stone with small size) into high-quality sand with high value, thus making high profits. It is a way turning wastes into treasure. The produced sand can replace natural sand and satisfy the huge market demand on high-quality sand so that the investors can get more returns on investment.









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