Mobile Crushing Station Iron Ore Crushing Project Of Lianyungang Foundation Engineering Corp., China

Lianyungang Foundation Engineering Corporation needed to build a crushing line to process iron ore. Due to the restrictions of the construction field and other factors, after many investigations the company decided to buy our company's mobile crushing station KH300-2. The final product particle size reached 8mm. At present, the equipment is in good condition while final product particle size quality is excellent.
Daily operation: 12 hours; Material: imported iron ore; Output size: 0-10mm.

On-site Photo


Customer Feedback

This was the first time to contact the mobile crushing station so I had no idea about the performance. In the follow-up investigation, I decided to purchase one after learning its performance slowly. The effect was very good in the actual production. It is more flexible and changeable compared with the previous crushing lines. Good!Director of the Project Department of the Company

Production Process