Summary: Because the hot sand market, the customer also decided to invest in a new sand aggregate production base for developing the whole industrial chain layout.


The customer is a local well-known cement enterprise, and has his own mixing station. In recent years, the customer actively expanded new business, new products in order to cope with the industry change. Because the hot sand market, the customer also decided to invest in a new sand aggregate production base for developing the whole industrial chain layout.

The raw material is limestone. Based on his experience in building materials, the customer agreed with SBM’s idea that the production line should be equipped with Jaw Crusher, Impact Crusher and Sand Making Machine which can ensure the different sizes of finished products. As a result, it could offer materials for both railway construction and cement factories. After comprehensive analysis of the specific needs of the customer, SBM’s technical engineers quickly issued the solution and finally reached cooperation with customers compared with other competition manufacturers.

limestone crushing plant

limestone crushing plant construction and installation


  • Capacity: 1000t/h
  • Raw Material: Limestone
  • Output Size: 0-5-10-20-31.5mm (Normal Sand Aggregate), 30-80mm (industrial materials)
  • Main Equipment: C6X Jaw Crusher, CI5X Impact Crusher*2, VSI6X Sand Making Machine*2
  • Treatment Process: combination of Dry Process and Wet Process (front-end Dry Process, back-end Wet Process)
  • Application: high-speed railway construction and industrial materials

limestone crusher machine


  • 01. Adopt multi-stage crushing + multi-stage screening process, and the quality of finished materials is excellent which can meet the requirements of "Building sand", "Aggregate for High-performance Concrete" and other standards;
  • 02. Produce with closed plant, and dust emission is less than 10mg/m³ with good environmental performance. Back-end Wet Process with professional sewage treatment system to achieve zero pollution emissions;
  • 03. Use EPC general contracting mode, and the whole process is built with high standards by SBM. This project is a well-known model line in the local sand aggregate market;
  • 04. The production line is equipped with PLC central control system, automatic loading system and other new technologies, which can monitor and easily control the process of crushing, shaping, grading adjustment, dust collection, waste water treatment, material storage and transportation. It is intelligent and efficient;
  • 05. SBM adhere to the "One to One" Project Manager System to help the customer to carry out the project operation and set up offices all over the country, which can provide timely intimate after-sales service and technical support to solve customer’s problems. At present, SBM has discussed with the customer to make spare parts plan in advance.


C6X Jaw Crusher

limetone jaw crusher

C6X Jaw Crusher reflects the level of modern advanced technology in its structure, function and efficiency and other indicators. It solves low production efficiency, installation and maintenance difficulties and other problems of the existing jaw crusher on the market, so it is an ideal coarse crushing equipment.

CI5X Impact Crusher

limestone stone crusher

SBM combined with the company's research and development results to develop a new generation of efficient coarse, medium and fine crusher -CI5X series of impact crusher to meet the needs of users for high income, low cost and energy saving. It becomes the ideal upgrading product of traditional equipment.

VSI6X Sand Making Machine

limestone sand making machine

SBM’s VSI6X Sand Making Machine has the advantages of high efficiency, stable operation and double functions of shaping and sand making. The excellent finished product is enough to meet the requirements of high standard materials such as expressway and railway construction.