Summary:In the process of installation of Raymond mill, there are many installation items that need users' attention.

In the process of installation of Raymond mill, there are many installation items that need users' attention. Here are a list of these items for you. I hope it will be helpful for your installation.

First of all, when purchasing Raymond mill, we will generally provide you with a design drawing of the production line. The drawing has a clear mark to provide you with accurate size. The drawing also includes the introduction of the equipment height and installation location of the production line. Therefore, the first thing users need to do is to design the production line one to one according to the drawings. Of course, the plant can be larger and higher.

Secondly, in the design of production line, grinders and other equipment are fixed on the basis of concrete foundation or steel frame, so users should design concrete and steel frame according to the requirements of drawings. The level of concrete foundation should be guaranteed while building, and the steel frame should be guaranteed to be stable. Because the concrete is poured, it has a certain period of stability, so that the user can give the concrete at least 15 days of maintenance after building.

Thirdly, when the Raymond mill arrives at the site after transportation, if the site construction has not been completed, the user should put all the equipment in the production line in the place of ventilation, drying and no direct sunlight, so as to avoid rusting due to sunshine and rain.

In addition, the next step is to install and fix the equipment of the mill grinding production line. Sometimes our experts will help you to install it. Sometimes the users should master the skills when installing it themselves. They should fix the mill equipment on the basis of concrete with bolts. The connection between the front and back of the mill equipment should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the drawings.

Finally, after the installation is completed, the production line should be tested first. After the test run is completed and no failure occurs, ore materials can be added to the production line, and then grinding production can be carried out. When the service life of the production line reaches about half a year, the wear-resistant parts such as bearings, transmission devices, lubrication systems and grinding rollers of the equipment in the production system should be repaired and maintained in time to ensure that the equipment in the production line does not fail and that the production line can also grind normally.