Summary:Granite stones can be used to make mortar and concrete according to different stone specifications. 1-2, 2-4, and 4-8 are common stone specifications. China's i

Granite stones can be used to make mortar and concrete according to different stone specifications. 1-2, 2-4, and 4-8 are common stone specifications. China's infrastructure construction cannot be stopped, and the domestic granite stone market has always been extremely hot, which has become a major driving force for the development of China's stone machinery industry.

Granite gravel is a high-quality building stone commonly used. This is due to the hard texture of granite, which is difficult to be eroded by acid or alkali or weathering. It is rich in granite resources and widely distributed. China has 9% of land (about 800,000 square kilometers). They are all granite rock bodies, and granite is widely used in highways, railways, high-grade buildings, and housing construction.

At present, the domestic crushing process of granite and the equipment technology of granite crushing production line have been quite mature. Shanghai Shibang Sand and Stone Project Department: I have a production line project for many granite production in China. The crushing production process of granite can generally use two-stage crushing production process. The first stage chooses jaw crusher. The second choice counter crusher, of course, can use the circular vibrating screen to separate 1-2, 2-4, 4-8 different specifications of stone to meet different building needs.

The choice of impact crusher is very important. The good performance of the counter crusher has high breakage rate and good production effect. The choice of counterattack hammer is more important, because the counter hammer is a wear part that needs to be replaced frequently. The fast-moving consumer goods of the crusher directly affects the maintenance cost of the counter-attack and the later stage. It is recommended that the well-known domestic wear-resistant casting production manufacturer Shanghai Shibang, its counter-attacking hammer, crusher hammer, jaw plate, seesaw The use of wear-resistant parts such as lining boards has been highly praised and won a good reputation.

In addition to granite crushing production, there are many gravel stones made of various materials such as river pebble sand production line, limestone sand production line, bluestone sand production line, sandstone crushing production line, etc., to meet different construction engineering needs, such as ordinary The building construction can use the limestone with not very high hardness to meet the requirements; while the highway and high-speed railway construction department should use the harder cobblestone gravel, because the material properties are not used, the required production process and equipment configuration are also different. China's largest sandstone production line contractor Shanghai Shibang Engineering Sand and Stone Project Department has many years of rich experience in the crushing production of various materials. The most economical and reasonable stone production line can be configured according to the site size and investment budget. device.