Summary:In order to meet the classification and classification of sand and gravel materials in the mine, construction, chemical and other fields very well, at the time,

In order to meet the classification and classification of sand and gravel materials in the mine, construction, chemical and other fields very well, at the time, many domestic machinery production companies contacted the international leading production concept based on their own planning experience, and developed high-strength and high-power comparison. New sand making machine - the fifth generation of new sand making machine. The five-generation sand making machine is a mature product that has been continuously improved in many years of use. The equipment has been significantly improved in terms of talent and screening power. It is very suitable for screening work in the fields of mining, building materials, chemicals, cement, etc. The water is not more than 5% of various ores, rocks, etc. for classification work.

The five-generation sand-making machine has four advantages: the selection of the fifth-generation counter-type sand-making machine accessories from Germany. The technology is simplified, the power is high, and the investment is low. Second, the quality is stable and reliable, and the particle shape is good. It is a cubic polygonal body with stable grading and good meshing, which can be used to improve the strength of concrete. Thirdly, the raw materials are clean, and the mud content can be exempted. Fourth, the floor space is small, modular assembly, flexibility, and habits. A variety of geographical environments and the breakdown of various materials.

The short-stage sand-making system introduced by the fifth-generation new sand-making machine based on the imported sand-making machine from Germany is superior to other similar products in terms of overall technology, product sand quality and operational efficiency, and then greatly improved the mechanism. Sand quality and concrete quality. After the five-generation sand making machine, the sand particle shape produced by the five-stage sand making machine is cubic polygonal shape, the grading is relatively stable, the meshing property is good, and the concrete strength can be improved. The whole system adopts the closed structure, the dust does not overflow, and there is no emission. Satisfied with environmental protection needs, it is the excellent glare of the majority of concrete mixing plants or sandstone companies.

The materials produced by the five-generation sand making machine are of high quality. Generally, they are all in the shape of a cube. The shape of the particles is good, the gradation is reasonable, and the fineness can be quickly adjusted. It is very suitable for the molding of artificial sand and stone. So what is the price of the equipment? It can be seen through the quotation of the fifth generation of new sand making machines. The fifth generation of new sand making machines has many benefits, and it is a highly efficient sand making equipment worthy of funding. First and foremost, the machine has a strong handling capacity and a high output. It is much higher than the same power sander, and the output is very stable.