Summary:In general, the jaw crusher has a high production efficiency. This type of equipment is one of the more common crushing machines and has been widely used in tod

In general, the jaw crusher has a high production efficiency. This type of equipment is one of the more common crushing machines and has been widely used in today's production. There are many types of jaw crusher materials, and the equipment produced by different materials is very different. In the process of formal operation, the production materials need to be overhauled, and the parts of the equipment should also be carefully maintained for daily maintenance. How does the jaw crusher function, material maintenance and parts maintenance?

There are many types of jaw crushers. When performing normal maintenance, you can first put materials into the jaw crusher to observe whether the crushing of the equipment is uniform, whether the operating efficiency is normal, and so on. At the same time, we must also pay attention to check whether the jaw crusher function is abnormal, whether the temperature is too hot or not. Only by doing these precautions can the equipment be adjusted in time to make it play a very large production advantage.

Generally, when the jaw crusher is not running, it is necessary to do the maintenance work of the equipment. The general maintenance can be divided into overhaul, medium repair and minor repair. Depending on the material of the jaw crusher, the specific inspection cycle is also different, and the way of inspection is different. The minor repairs are mainly daily maintenance. Check whether the gap of the discharge opening is normal, whether the wear of the parts is serious, and the repair is to check the thrust plate, the lining plate and the bearing bush on the basis of minor repair. The jaw crusher is very powerful. It needs to carry out all-round inspection and replace worn parts during overhaul. The general overhaul period is 1-2 years.

In combination with the jaw crusher function, the components of the equipment should be cleaned regularly. Different methods can be selected for cleaning, including vibration cleaning, boiling cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, spray cleaning and scrubbing. According to the jaw crusher material, the boiling cleaning uses the configured solution to wash the parts of the equipment. The vibration cleaning uses the vibration of the vibration cleaning machine to remove the oil on the parts. Ultrasonic cleaning relies on the chemical action of the cleaning fluid and ultrasonic oscillations to remove oil.

The jaw crusher function is very comprehensive, but the material and component failure of the equipment may occur during various production reasons due to various reasons. This requires all operators to have an in-depth understanding of the basic structure and operating principle of the jaw crusher, to maintain the equipment during the production process, and to timely repair and zero the equipment according to the jaw crusher material. The replacement of the components ensures the efficient operation of the production line.