Summary: Gypsum powder occupies a large proportion in various powder applications. As one of the five major gel materials, gypsum powder is widely used in many fields o

 Gypsum powder occupies a large proportion in various powder applications. As one of the five major gel materials, gypsum powder is widely used in many fields of construction, building materials, industrial molds, art models, chemical industry, food processing and medical beauty. With the continuous development of milling technology, the application of various high-fine gypsum powders in the industry has also expanded to industries such as smelting and power plant desulfurization. At present, the high-fine desulfurization gypsum powder processed by S superfine mill is gradually becoming an indispensable desulfurization raw material in desulfurization of power plants and environmental protection measures for desulfurization of steel plants.

The quality of the desulfurizer directly determines the success or failure of the desulfurization effect. The good desulfurization effect is related to the environmental contribution of steel mills and power plants. Therefore, it is very important to choose high-quality gypsum powder and its processing equipment. Compared with natural gypsum, the desulfurized gypsum has a higher water content, generally about 10%, and has poor fluidity; the taste is higher, generally about 90%; it exists as separate crystal particles, and the coarse particles after grinding are gypsum, fine The particles are impurities. Due to the difference in impurity composition, the dewatering characteristics, grindability, mechanical properties, rheological properties, etc. are different, which requires more advanced milling equipment than natural gypsum processing equipment. According to the development trend of low-carbon environmental protection, Shanghai Shibang S ultra-fine grinding machine improves the traditional powder equipment for the fineness requirements of desulfurized gypsum powder. The fine gypsum powder has a fine particle size of up to 3500 mesh and a very narrow particle size range. wide.

The price of Shibang's S superfine mill is also receiving much attention in the market, mainly because the gypsum powder produced by the equipment has high fineness, high activity and large output, because the higher the fineness of the desulfurizer, the greater the activity, so the adoption The gypsum powder processed by the ultra-fine mill has better desulfurization effect; also because of the whole machine seal design, the dust removal effect is better, no noise and dust pollution, effectively protecting the surrounding environment and the health of employees; plus the cost of plaster Relatively low, these have reduced the environmental protection costs of power plants and steel mills to a certain extent, which has greatly saved the cost for enterprises. In addition, Shibang's new ultra-fine grinding machine occupies a small space, the sealing device has good sealing performance, the analysis machine is easy to adjust, the efficiency is high, the power consumption is small, the grinding ring and the grinding roller wear evenly, and the service life is ordinary Raymond mill. 3-5 times, it can efficiently process more than 300 materials with certain humidity in cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical, non-metallic minerals and other industries.