Summary:There have been torrential rains in various places since June in China. Nearly 40 million people have been affected by the disaster, and nearly 30 provinces and

There have been torrential rains in various places since June in China. Nearly 40 million people have been affected by the disaster, and nearly 30 provinces and cities have suffered greatly so far. To control flood have become a topic of concern throughout the country. For investors in grinding industry, under the current severe situation, it's difficult to operate grinding mill during rainy season. Emergency can range from temporary suspension of power outage and damage to grinding equipment. Therefore, it has been a hot topic how to prevent grinding mill from rainstorm. Let's study together!

1. Pay attention to rust, electricity and lightning protection

First, it's very important to prevent the body of grinding mill from rust when rainy season comes. As we all know, there are two key points that cause rusting —water and oxygen. So we should reduce the probability of these two conditions in maintenance. The specific methods are as follows: (1)Repair the peeling paint on the surface of grinding machine, which can block oxygen and water influence. (2)Lubricate exposed parts (bearings and other connecting parts) of grinding machine regularly to ensure the normal operation of parts.

Secondly, lightning is caused by natural discharge of ground buildings and land from thunderclouds (electrically charged clouds), which can cause serious damage to buildings or equipment. If permitting, the new grinding equipment that has not been installed can be stored in a dry and ventilated room to reduce the possibility of being struck by lightning. If there is no indoor condition, we can put a board under the bottom of the grinding mill, and with insulating plastic and other related products to wrap it, thus improve the possibility of insulation.

Of course, severe convective weather is easy to cause thunderstorms, for example, the acoustic shock caused by thunderclap may cause dislocation of some precision components or connection parts in electromechanical control system of grinding equipment. So, we need to do series of maintenance work on grinding mill before the rainstorm season to reduce the loss.


2. Protect the circuit and control cabinet of grinding mill

⑴ In rainy season, attention should be paid to the power protection of grinding mill. If there is water at power station, a short circuit is likely to occur.

⑵ The motor is the key part to ensure the high speed running of grinding equipment. The inspection and maintenance before the rainstorm should be paid attention to.

⑶ For open-grinding plant, the unenclosed environment is easy to cause the equipment to get wet, which may cause series of fault problems such as shortened service life. We suggested stopping the machine to protect the grinding mill and other equipment.

⑷ The control cabinet manages all kinds of high-power motor start-up, and can protect the motor from overheating caused by mechanical failure or blocking. Therefore, it's necessary for users to check whether the protective shell is leaking, and to repair the damage in time and to prepare the backup control cabinet.


In short, in addition to pay attention to rust, electricity and lightning protection, we must also strengthen the inspection of electrical equipment, power facilities, transport pile and others. In combination with the specific situation, do good jobs in patrol inspection work. If you need more information about grinding mill, such as quotation, model selection, equipment parameters, etc., welcome to call or online consultation, message, we will send professionals to answer your questions.