Summary:Everyone knows super men in Marvel movies are all magical. Captain America with full force

Everyone knows super men in Marvel movies are all magical.

Captain America with full force
Thor, who can control the power of thunder
The Titanic Hulk
And the flexible Superman Spiderman...
They rely on wisdom and divine power
Saved the world again and again


However, movies just belong to screen stories after all. Although the equipment in reality does not have the magical power to save the world like those heroes, they are equally great. Today we are going to talk about such a "super soldier"— SBM's HPT multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. Although there is no "superhuman" ability, it has "superhuman" qualities like work efficiently, tireless and invincible.


So, what "superman" qualities can we see in HPT cone crusher?

1.Can crush very hard stone

⑴ During the crushing process, hard rocks such as granite and basalt have the features like high compressive strength, good toughness, high hardness and strong abrasiveness, so it is very difficult to crush. They are a material with high crushing cost. Crushing these materials will also make it difficult for the actual processing capacity of the crushing equipment to reach the theoretical output.

⑵ For materials with high hardness, with the principle of lamination crushing, HPT cone crusher can not only realize the interaction between material and tooth plates, but also can force the material between tooth plates to interact with each other, so that multiple layers of material are formed in the crushing cavity. Through the mutual friction between the materials, achieve the purpose of efficient crushing.


That's to say; The HPT multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has high crushing efficiency and low wear of vulnerable parts, making it an ideal equipment for crushing hard materials. it's widely used in hard rock crushing and sand making production.

2.Exquisite design

All courage to be unbreakable comes from a better self, and the same applies to machinery. If you want to do well, you must first sharpen your tools. HPT hydraulic cone crusher is optimized on the basis of traditional cone crusher to make its operation more stable and reliable, easier to operate, better in the output size, and higher in the fine particle content. Next, let's count the subtleties of its structure together!

⑴ Structural upgrade make higher efficiency

HPT hydraulic cone crusher adopts a unique main shaft. Based on the structure of the eccentric sleeve rotating around the main shaft, the design of transmission components and lubricating seal structure is further optimized. And the equipment has strong carrying capacity, greater installed power, higher efficiency and lower noise.

⑵ Multi-cavity conversion—one function for multiple purposes

The HPT hydraulic cone crusher is equipped with multiple medium crushing and fine crushing cavities. Just only need to replace a small number of parts such as lining board, users can switch operation. This can better meet the needs of the medium and fine crushing process.

⑶ PLC integrated control make operation easier

HPT hydraulic cone crusher adopts advanced PLC centralized control system, which can continuously monitor the crusher and provide warnings and display various operating parameters. The operator can know the operation of the crusher in real time, thereby simplifying the operation of the production, reducing operational risks, and improving the safety of crushing production performance.

3.Wide range of applications

As an ordinary machine without superpowers, HPT hydraulic cone crusher does not have the super suit like Iron Man, nor the superpower of Hulk. Although it doesn't belong to the world of Marvel, it insists on playing its biggest role in operations. HPT cone crusher can play its value in urban construction, transportation construction, mining and other raw material industries, and contribute to the construction of a beautiful world. So, is it such a super man?