Summary:Improve the cleanness of lubrication system in crushing and grinding equipment in beneficiation plant can ensure the smooth of lubricating oil circuit and the normal lubrication of the friction pairs

Improve the cleanness of lubrication system in crushing and grinding equipment in beneficiation plant can ensure the smooth of lubricating oil circuit and the normal lubrication of the friction pairs, to reduce the damage of spare parts and avoid accidents. Besides, it can extend the service life of spare parts and ensure the normal running of mining machines. So in this article, we mainly talk about ways to improve the mining machine lubrication system cleanness.

1. Strengthen The Dust Management Of Crushing& Grinding Stage

There are several reasons for the dust producing in beneficiation plant, such as dust produced in the crushing stage, screening stage, transporting stage, dust produced because of pumping and dust reentrainment and so on. So, we must strengthen the dust management of crushing system in order to improve the working condition of equipment.

First of all, seal the dust source to avoid the spill over and spread of dust. Secondly, comprehensively adopt ventilation dust removal, water spray dust removal and electric dust precipitation etc.

2. Strengthen The Management Of Lubricating Oil

For the lubricating oil, we should firstly check its cleanness and put them in the cool and dry place according to different batches and classifications. Besides, the lubricating oil should not store for too long. And the lubricating oil must be filtered to reduce the impurities. So operators should regularly check if the sieve in filter is in good condition. Once find broken, operators should change it timely.

3. Strengthen Test Method And Equip Test Instrument

When we add qualified lubricating oil into the lubrication system and operate for some time, there will be change of the oil quality. Some mining machines even spill lubricating oil, so we need to add lubricating oil into the system frequently. In this case, the new added oil and the original oil will be mixed. It will be more difficult to ensure the quality of oil. In this case, we need to test the lubricating oil to see if the it meets standard for continue use.

4. Irregularly Clean& Wash The Lubrication System

When there is water or some other liquids enter the lubrication system of mining machine or there is metallic material in the lubrication system, or the mining machine hasn¡¯t been used for very long time, we all should change the lubricating oil to ensure the cleanness of the lubrication system. If the lubricating oil pipe oxidizes serious or there is oil sludge piled in the pipe, we should adopt acid pickling to clean it. But generally, we can only flush the pipe.

The flushing steps are: when the oil temperature is about 30 ¡æ~ 40 ¡æ, we can discharge the original lubricating oil as much as possible. If necessary, we can adopt compressed air to help discharge the lubricating oil. And then, adopt light oil, kerosene or spindle oil to clean the lubricating oil tank. After discharging the original oil, we can adopt turbine oil to wash the tank. Generally, we install a filter with 20-30¦Ìm in the scavenger circuit and wash the lubricating oil tank for about 1 to 2 hours. The temperature of turbine oil should be kept at 60-70¡æ. In order to improve the washing efficiency, we can knock on the pipe slightly. After washing the tank, we discharge the turbine oil and then clean the oil tank by sponge material. At last, add new lubricating oil into the tank.

5. Strengthen Assemble System And Improve Assemble Quality

Every time we maintain the crushing& grinding equipment, the lubricating oil pipe needs to be dismantle and assembled again. So we should improve the responsibility of operators. After dismantling the oil pipe, operators should block up the two sides. And in the process and assemble process of spare parts, operators should remove and clean the burr and welding slag timely.

6. Improve The Sealing Of Lubrication System

Another way to improve the cleanness of lubrication system of mining machine is to improve the sealing of the lubrication system. We can adopt methods to avoid the entering of impurities, such as adding cover to the oil tank, adding air sealing device in jaw crusher etc.