Summary:It is understood that as long as the water content of the ore is within a certain range, it can be used to produce manufactured sand by sand making machine.

It is understood that as long as the water content of the ore is within a certain range, it can be used to produce manufactured sand by sand making machine. In the mining industry, there are nearly 200 kinds of stones can be used to produce manufactured sand, including solid wastes such as tailings, construction waste, coal gangue, etc. Here is an introduction to common manufactured sand materials and corresponding sand making equipment.

1. What are the common stone materials for making sand?

River pebble, granite, basalt, limestone, iron ore, etc.

These stones are all ideal materials in for building. They are hard in texture and can be used as raw materials in sand making production. For example, manufactured sand made of basalt can be mixed with concrete, which can reduce the weight of concrete, and also has the functions of sound insulation and heat insulation. It is a good aggregate for lightweight high-rise building concrete. The manufactured sand produced from river pebbles is often used for road paving and house construction. The stone powder produced in the production of machine-made sand from granite and limestone can also be reused.

Applicable equipment

Jaw crusher+ cone crusher+ impact sand making machine+ sand washer

For hard materials such as granite and river pebbles, jaw crushers and cone crushers are a highly efficient crushing combination. Since the aggregates processed by cone crusher may contain a lot of needle-like finished production, it is important for users to equip an impact sand making machine.

The manufactured processed by impact sand making machine has a more uniform particle and good crushing effect. Then under the act of impact sand washer (cleaning and impurity removal), the finished manufactured sand will be better and cleaner.

2. Sandstone, quartz sandstone, etc.

These stones are mainly composed of feldspar and quartz, which belongs to sedimentary rock. They are good raw material for manufactured sand in terms of grain shape and strength, which can reach or even be better than natural sand. In addition, manufactured sand produced by sandstone also has the advantages of non-weathering, non-melting, sound absorption, and moisture-proof, and it is also a good building and decoration material.

When we use sandstone to crush into construction sand, it needs to go through the production process of crushing, sand making, screening, etc. The whole crushing plant needs to be reasonably matched to achieve low investment and high efficiency. According to the characteristics of sandstone, sandstone is suitable for the following equipment.

Applicable equipment

PE Jaw crusher+ cone crusher, impact crusher+ impact sand making machine

Generally, the size of sandstone is relatively large and need to be coarsely crushed first. Therefore, it’s necessary to use jaw crusher with the input size no less than 1,200mm for coarse crushing. PE jaw crusher has strong crushing force and can crush various hardness materials. In addition, the discharge adjustment range is 10-350mm, which can be adjusted according to the needs of users.

When sandstone is processed below 560mm, cone crushers or impact crushers can be used directly.

Cone crusher has the advantages of large feed inlet, uniform particle, automatic adjustment and long replacement period of wear parts. And the impact crusher is characterized by a large inlet and a thin outlet, and the finished product is cubic, which is better than cone crusher. But for materials with high hardness, the wearing parts of impact crusher need to replaced quickly, and the maintenance cost is high. Finally, an impact sand making machine need to be adopted. As professional equipment for making sand, the impact sand making machine adopts double principle of “Rock on Rock" And "Rock on Iron" Crushing. The material liner of "rock on rock" and counter block structure of "rock on iron" are designed specially according to the working condition of the sand-making machine, which greatly promotes the crushing ratio of the sand maker (It conforms to the national standard for aggregates, and fineness modulus is between 2.6-2.8).

3. Tailings, construction waste, coal gangue, etc.

These stones belong to industrial solid waste. But with the advance of sand making process, these wastes are also "treasures", especially construction waste. In recent years, construction waste treatment is a very popular field in aggregates industry, and it has been sought after by a large number of investors. Construction wastes contains lot of crushed stones, concrete blocks, bricks and tiles, which can be crushed and made into new aggregates, and then used in highways and construction.

Using these industrial wastes to make manufactured sand can not only save costs and get high profits, but contribute to waste recycling.

Applicable equipment

Mobile crusher

Tailings and construction waste are mixed and scattered. They are suitable for processing with mobile sand making equipment.

Generally speaking, the following points should be paid attention to when choosing raw materials for making manufactured sand: The compressive strength of the ore raw materials used to produce manufactured sand should be greater than 80 MPa, and the pH should be moderate. It is best to use clean, hard-textured raw materials.

With the increasing scarcity of river sand resources, machine-made sand will inevitably replace river sand. In the other hand, river sand is difficult to mine, while machine-made sand is convenient to obtain materials, and the production process is scientific, which meets the requirements of the construction industry. Under the situation that the supply of aggregates is in short supply and the prices are raising, we believe that the demand for manufactured sand has also increased, and its sales are getting better and better.