Summary:Basalt is a basic volcanic rock, an important component of the earth's oceanic and continental crust. The main components of basalt are feldspar and pyroxene.

Basalt is a basic volcanic rock, an important component of the earth's oceanic and continental crust. The main components of basalt are feldspar and pyroxene. Due to different formation environments, different material components will be mixed, so they will also show different colors. To make basalt widely used, sand making processing for basalt is required. Manufactured sand processed by basalt can be used in industries such as pavement and building materials.

So, which sand making machine is effective for making basalt sand?


As we all know, sand making machine is a kind of aggregates processing equipment, which is widely used in the field of aggregates industry. So for the problem of "Which kind of sand making machine is effective?" it must be combined with the actual production needs of users. Nowadays, there are many types and models of sand making machines on the market, which are easy to cause user confusion.

Therefore, we must choose a sand making machine that meets national production standards when we purchasing it. Compare the functions, features and advantages of the sand making machine one by one.

But I can say, in today’s market, sand making equipment with low energy consumption, environmental protection, and advanced intelligence are more popular in the industry. For example, the VSI6X impact sand making machine produced by SBM not only meets national production standards, but can also be widely used in many industries like airports and buildings. , Cement, high-grade highways, railways. In addition, it is also suitable for large, medium and small-scale machine-made sand plants.


What is so good about the VSI6X sand making machine?


1. High performance
The VSI6X impact sand making machine is developed in combination with modern advanced technology, has superior performance and outstanding output. It is widely used in basalt sand making projects of various scales. Among them, it has won the trust and satisfaction of thousands of users because of its excellent performance.

2. Save time and effort
VSI6X can realize the conversion of two feeding methods: "Rock On Rock" and "Rock On Iron" Crushing. The special sealing structure realizes that there is no oil seal, no oil leakage and no dust leakage. At the same time, the equipment adopts a hydraulic cover opening setting, which saves labor, time and effort for maintenance and repair.

3. High quality
The core components of VSI6X are made of highly wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant materials. It can process not only basalt but also various hard rocks. In addition, it is equipped with a high-grade motor with low noise and high efficiency. All components are strictly controlled in the standard, laying a solid foundation for the quality of sand making machine.

4. Can effectively increase production capacity
The optimized design of deep cavity rotor, the smooth curve design and launch port, can effectively reduce the flow resistance of the material and greatly improve the passing capacity and work efficiency.

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