Summary:At present, the main grinding machine in the mining field are: ball mill, Raymond mill, vertical roller mill, ultrafine mill, hammer mill and so on.

At present, the main grinding machine in the mining field are: ball mill, Raymond mill, vertical roller mill, ultrafine mill, hammer mill and so on.

1. Ball Mill

The features of the ball mill are large crushing ratio, simple structure, standardized product series, easy replacement of easily worn parts such as lining plate, mature process and reliable operation. The ball mill can adapt to different operations, such as grinding and drying, grinding and mixing at the same time. But generally speaking, the efficiency of the ball mill is not high, the energy consumption and medium consumption are high, and the equipment is bulky and the running noise is large.

ball mill working principle

Ball mill is still widely used grinding equipment at home and abroad, among which lattice type and overflow type ball mill are commonly used in non-metallic ore dressing. Tube mill includes cement mill for grinding raw materials and cement mill for grinding various types of cement clinker. It is mainly used in cement plant and relevant industrial departments for grinding other materials. Short tube mill is widely used for fine grinding of calcite, dolomite, quartz, zircon and other non-metallic minerals.

2. Raymond Mill

Raymond mill has the advantages of stable performance, simple process, convenient operation, large processing capacity, adjustable product size and so on. It is widely used in the fine grinding of non-metallic minerals such as calcite, marble, limestone, talc, gypsum, hard kaolinite, clay, feldspar, barite, etc.

raymond mill

MTW European Trapezium Grinding Mill is a new upgraded product of Raymond mill. It adopts bevel gear transmission, which makes the structure more compact and occupies less space; At the same time, MTW European Trapezium Mill is also equipped with a professional dust collector, high dust removal efficiency, low emission concentration, more conducive to meet the requirements of environmental protection.

3. Pendulum Roller Grinding Mill

Pendulum Roller Grinding Mill is suitable for non flammable and explosive brittle ore with Mohs hardness below 7 and water content below 6%. It adopts low resistance hanging cage type separator, narrow sorting particle size range, high sorting efficiency, low system energy consumption, the same material and fineness and other conditions, lower power consumption than the vane type separator, higher efficiency.

4. Vertical Roller Mill

As one of the main progress of dry superfine processing technology of non-metallic mineral powder, vertical roller mill uses the relative motion of roller and disc to crush the material. It has the characteristics of concentrated process flow, small floor area, low investment, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and so on.

vertical roller mill

At present, vertical roller mill has been widely used in the production and processing of white non-metallic mineral industry abroad, and has been successfully used in crushing processing of heavy calcium, barite, limestone, gypsum, pyrophyllite, kaolin, cement raw materials and clinker in China.

5. Ultrafine Grinding Mill

Ultrafine grinding mill is a high standard grinding machine designed to make up for the insufficient fineness of general grinding machine. Its fineness can reach 325-2500 mesh. The performance of the high-performance mill designed based on the new fluid theory is almost equal to that of the jet mill. At the same time, its price and cost are far lower than that of the jet mill. It can replace the jet mill and effectively solve the problems of difficult treatment and high cost of ultra-fine powder. It is recognized and loved by the industry users.

ultrafine grinding mill

6. Hammer Mill

Hammer mill is specially designed for coarse grinding. It follows part of the working principle of crusher, and makes up for the shortage of traditional mill product size range. Due to its special design, hammer mill is very popular in metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, cement, construction and other industries, and has become the core equipment for the production of coarse powder particles.

hammer mill work

Compared with the traditional grinding mill, it has the advantages of simple working process, less land occupation, easy infrastructure construction, lower investment cost and more convenient management.