Summary:In recent years, there is a shortage of sand and gravel, and the sand price remains high. The recycling of construction waste has been supported by the state and local governments.

In recent years, there is a shortage of sand and gravel, and the sand price remains high. The recycling of construction waste has been supported by the state and local governments. The recycled aggregate of construction waste has become a hot project, attracting the attention of many investors. However, you must know some common problems before entering the industry!

mobile construction waste crushing process
recycled aggregate of construction waste

01. Why should construction waste be recycled? What are the benefits of recycling?

Answer: studies have shown that every 100 million tons of construction waste can produce 24.3 billion standard bricks and 36 million tons of mixture, reduce 10 million cubic meters of soil or replace natural sand and stone, save 2.7 million tons of coal, and increase the output value by 8.46 billion yuan, creating huge economic benefits.

In addition, contrary to simple stacking and landfill, the resource utilization of construction waste can also reduce the emission of nitrous oxide by 50%, nitride by 99.3% and carbon monoxide by 28%.

02. How much recycled aggregate can be produced by 1 ton of construction waste?

Answer: the conversion rate of aggregate from construction waste production can reach 85%. 1 ton of construction waste can produce 0.85 tons of recycled aggregate and 0.01 tons of scrap, and the rest are other wastes. The sales price of recycled aggregate is about 60% of the price of natural sand and gravel materials, which can effectively reduce the construction cost by more than 40%, and has a great advantage in cost.

03. What processes are generally required for the crushing and treatment of construction waste?

Answer: generally, the following processing is required:

1) Pretreatment: it is recommended that the construction waste raw materials be pretreated first, including (optional) using hydraulic hammer to reduce the excessive large materials, cutting the excessively long reinforcement, preventing damage to the conveyor belt, sorting and removing large sundries, etc.

2) Crushing: jaw crusher and impact crusher are used to crush raw materials. This process can quickly crush construction waste and separate reinforcement.

3) Iron removal and screening: the crushed construction waste will be separated from iron metals such as steel bars through an iron separator, and the sand and stone will form finished sand and stone of different specifications through a vibrating screen. A small amount of materials that do not meet the fineness requirements will be returned to the construction waste crusher for reprocessing to form a closed cycle to ensure the grade requirements of finished materials.

4) Grinding: the construction waste crushing process is optional. If the finished product required by the user is powder with smaller particle size, the crushed construction waste can be further processed by a pulverizer.

04. Fixed or mobile crusher for construction waste treatment? Which is more convenient?

Answer: compared with the fixed production line, the mobile crusher has become an ideal equipment choice because of its small land occupation, fast production time and convenient transfer. The details are as follows:

1) There is no need for foundation and supporting construction, and it is broken on site;

2) Able to move the station quickly, suitable for narrow working face and reduce transportation cost;

3) Flexible combination and matching under different working conditions to reduce investment cost;

4) Simple equipment operation and maintenance to reduce personnel investment cost;

5) Able to complete mining, crushing and shipping in one operation, providing more production options.

05. What is the difference between tire type and crawler type mobile crusher?

Answer: in short, the tire type mobile crushing station can not be completely called a mobile crusher, because its transition movement depends on the traction of the semi-trailer head, so it is not as powerful as the self hydraulically driven crawler type mobile crushing station, but it will be slightly cheaper in price.

06. Is the price of mobile crusher expensive?

Answer: as far as mobile crusher is concerned, many people think the price is expensive. Indeed, it is not cheap (more expensive than fixed type). The general market quotation will range from 5.6 million to several million, but its ability to create benefits can not be compared with general crushing equipment, because it is only more expensive than other equipment in the early stage of investment, and the capital construction, labor, transportation The cost of environmental protection and treatment can not be underestimated.

07. What are the common configurations of mobile crusher?

Answer: according to the different capacity requirements of the construction waste treatment plant, the configuration is different and the price is also different. The common configurations include single machine combination, double machine combination and three machine combination.

The single machine combination is relatively simple, which is suitable for small and medium-sized gravel plants or users with insufficient funds. Only one crushing / sand making equipment can form a production line with the mobile crusher, which is relatively simple and cheap;

Double machine combination is a common configuration of construction waste treatment equipment. One equipment is equipped with feeding + crushing equipment, and the other equipment is equipped with conveying + screening. This configuration can make the finished construction waste products with better effect and uniform particle shape;

The three machine combination is a relatively high configuration, with large output, and the treated construction waste finished products have uniform particle shape, high quality and are more popular.

08. Is it profitable to invest in a construction waste treatment plant?

Answer: to put it bluntly, the construction waste treatment plant is still very profitable! But why do you say that? This needs to start from two aspects:

On the one hand, it earns environmental protection treatment fees: because construction waste belongs to highly dispersed materials, many developers will not collect and treat it uniformly. Under the pressure of construction period, government and residents, they need to quickly dispose of these waste materials. Therefore, they need professional construction waste processors to dispose of them and pay corresponding treatment fees;

On the other hand, it earns fees for the sale of materials: construction waste is waste before treatment. After a series of sorting, crushing and screening, it will become usable aggregate, and its value can be doubled several times. In addition, the demand for sand and gravel is extremely tight and the price is soaring. The benefits of these materials after treatment are very considerable, It can be said to kill two birds with one stone.