Summary:Rotor is the core component of sand making machine. The principle of the sand making machine is to use the inertial kinetic energy of the rotor to rotate at a

Rotor is the core component of sand making machine. The principle of the sand making machine is to use the inertial kinetic energy of the rotor to rotate at a high speed to project the material in the circumferential direction through the channel of the rotor wheel, and impact the material accumulated on the impact anvil or the lining plate for impact crushing or shaping. The reshaped and rebounded materials are then crushed by the hammer plate integrated outside the high-speed rotor.

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After the rotor vibrates for some reason, it is very likely to cause vibration of the entire equipment, and the vibrating rotor will greatly affect the use of the equipment, and even lead to failures. Here are 9 reasons and solutions for abnormal vibration of sand making machine.

1. Deflection of motor shaft and rotor pulley

The motor transmits the torque to the pulley at the lower end of the rotor through the pulley and the belt. When the motor shaft and the rotor pulley are deflected, vibration will occur.

The solution is to re-align. After checking the installation, make sure that the motor shaft and the rotor shaft are in normal operation without abnormal vibration.

2. The rotor bearing is damaged

The rotor system is generally composed of rotor body, main shaft, bearing cylinder, rotor bearing, pulley, and seal and so on. The component that maintains the high-speed and stable rotation of the rotor system is the rotor bearing. If the bearing clearance exceeds the limit or the bearing is damaged, it will cause serious vibration of the rotor.

The solution is to choose a bearing with a reasonable clearance or replace a new bearing. In the process of use, it should be checked regularly to see if the bearing needs to be replaced, so as not to delay production.

3. The rotor is unbalanced

The imbalance of other parts on the rotor will cause the rotor to be out of balance and cause vibration. At this time, it is necessary to carefully check and adjust the balance of the rotor.

After the rotor system is assembled, the dynamic balance test should be carried out to ensure that there is no vibration at high speed; during use, if the hammer head is turned around, in order to prevent the weight of the rotor from being unbalanced, all the hammer heads in the crusher must be turned around together, otherwise it will cause strong vibration during operation, and attention should be paid to the weight difference between the corresponding two groups of hammer heads not exceeding 5g during installation.

4. Material blockage

If the material is blocked, it should be cleared in time. In order to prevent vibration caused by material blockage, the feeding specifications should be strictly controlled. Large particles and foreign objects that cannot be crushed should not be allowed to enter the crusher. Pay attention to the water content of the material at any time. If the material contains a lot of water, it will stick in the crusher, which gradually condenses into large pieces and adheres to the inner wall of the machine. If it is not cleaned in time, it will cause the material blockage, so we should pay attention to the moisture content of raw material.

5. The foundation is not firm or the anchor bolts are loose

When abnormal vibration occurs in the sand making machine, firstly check whether it is caused by the foundation and anchor bolts. If the foundation is not firm or the anchor bolts are loose, the stability of the machine will be affected. At this time, it is necessary to check and tighten the bolts, and in the future use process, check the foundation and anchor bolts regularly, and reinforce them in time if they are loose.

6. Feed quantity is too much or the size of the material is too large

If the feed amount is too much and exceeds the load of the sand making machine, the sand making machine cannot crush the material in the crushing chamber in time, resulting in the accumulation of materials in the crushing cavity and abnormal vibration. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the feed amount in time and maintain uniform and continuous feeding.

If the material is too large, it will also cause abnormal vibration of vertical shaft impact crusher, so it is necessary to check the feed size to meet the requirements, and remove the material with abnormal particle size in time. Feeding should be strictly in accordance with the instructions of sand making machine to control the feeding size and passing amount.

7. Bending deformation of main shaft

When the main shaft of the sand making machine appears bending deformation, it will also cause abnormal vibration. At this time, the main shaft needs to be replaced or corrected in time. The machining accuracy or strength or heat treatment of the shaft is unqualified, and it is easy to cause the main shaft to deform during use, which will cause the entire rotor body to vibrate at solid frequency and cause damage to the bearing.

8. Wear of pulleys and belts

The pulley and the belt are the two components that transmit the power from the motor to the rotor. When the pulley is worn and the belt is damaged, the power transmission will vibrate, and this vibration will affect the balance of the rotor system.

9. Wear and fall off of wear-resistant parts

Various wear-resistant parts are integrated on the rotor. Due to the principle of impact sand making and the characteristics of high speed, the wear speed of the wear-resistant parts is very fast, but the wear cannot be balanced, and some parts are heavily worn and may fall off due to untimely inspection and replacement. When this state occurs, the rotor will be unbalanced at high speed, resulting in vibration.

If the sand making machine is vibrating for a long time and is not handled in time, some parts will become loose, and dangerous accidents may occur during the sand making process. During processing, the vibration of the vertical shaft impact crusher should be carefully checked, especially the abnormal vibration caused by the wear or falling off of the internal wearing parts. Do regular inspections of equipment and prevent problems in a timely manner to ensure production stability.