Summary:Under the current situation of encouraging the development of machine-made sand, we can see that the investment market of sand making machine is particularly hot.

Recently, China government has announced some important information about high-speed rail networks, the specific contents are as follows: By 2030, the entire high-speed rail network is expected to reach 45,000 kilometers in China, and the demand for aggregates will increase to the next level.

Under the current situation of encouraging the development of machine-made sand, we can see that the investment market of sand making machine is particularly hot. It is said that the choice of sand machine is the key to successful investment. Here shows some mistakes we may make when we’re purchasing sand making equipment. I hope to be helped somewhat to you by these.

Myth: Sand making machines with low price have no impact on production

sand making machine

It a common mistake for users that low-cost equipment can be used even if its performance isn't very good, because it can be replaced if broken. People always think the cost of replacing new low-cost equipment is definitely better than buying a more expensive one. Yes, there is no doubt that's a good view to buy FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) like an umbrella. However, as large scale equipment, the price for a sand maker is far above thanthat's of daily necessities. So it may not be appropriate to choose sand making equipment.

On the other hand, it seems that the initial investment is not much if you buy a cheap machine, but there will be many troublesome like halting problem when the machine is running. This can greatly affect the overall production efficiency of sand making equipment because of various faults.

Myth: Price is the only indicator of value of sand making machine

We need to realize that product price is just a factor to measure its value. If you buy a sand maker and just compare the prices of different sand maker, I want to say; you may miss a lot, because apart from the price, there are many factors such as the manufacturer's strength, material of equipment and after-sales service need to be considered. The strength of manufacturer can affect the design process of machine. The material of equipment can affect its performance. Whether the sand making machine factory offer after-sales support affects the efficiency of the production line. We have to remember a phrase: the value of one product is not purely up to its price.

Myth: We just need to consider whether the machine is good or not.

Some investor may think that they just need to spend the money on sand making machine rather than pay attention to other supporting facilities like vibrating screen, feeder and belt, because the production of manufactured sand depends on sand maker.For other things, they are very casual.

There is nothing wrong with this point because sand maker is major equipment in the process of producing manufactured sand. But we should consider how to achieve the effect of 1+1>2. Every step in the production is very important. Only with one high quality sand making machine, the other accessories always goes wrong, it will also affect the entire sand making operation. Therefore, other accessories also need to be of high quality.

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Myth: Take network information as main reference

Nowadays, it is very quick to collect much useful information on Internet as long as you open a search engine and type in a keyword. However, we can't distinguish which information is true or false. So if it's convenient, users had better to visit sand maker factory in site. The quality of equipment purchased is more assured through a field investigation of equipment quality, production process and technical level. It’s like buying clothes, whether it is appropriate depends on if we have used it or not. In this sense, spot test is more credible than picture.