Summary:As an indispensable machine in the production of crushing and making sand, vibrating screen plays the role of screening and grading sand in operation.

As an indispensable machine in the production of crushing and making sand, vibrating screen plays the role of screening and grading sand in operation. Users can adjust the amplitude of vibration screen to control the screening speed. So how does the vibrating screen adjust? What do you do when it works with small amplitudes and what causes them?

Vibrating screen
Vibrating screen
Vibrating screen

For these questions, we will give you solutions in details.

The main reasons for small vibration screen amplitude in production are as follows:

1. Shortage of supply voltage

Generally, vibrating screen is designed according to 380V three-phase electricity. If you don’t connect the circuit as specified, the voltage is insufficient, resulting in small vibration screen amplitude.

2. Little eccentric block

Users can control the amplitude by increasing or decreasing the number of eccentric blocks. If that happens, you can try to increase the amplitude by increasing the number of eccentric blocks.

3. The Angle of eccentric block is too small

If the vibrating screen was equipped with vibration motor, the angle between the eccentric blocks at opposite ends of the motor shaft might affect the amplitude. The smaller the angle the stronger the excitation force, then the amplitude increases. So users can adjust the angle to increase the amplitude.

4. Large amount of feeding leads to lots of die buildup

If the material entered to the screen at once exceeds its bearing range, there will be too much remaining material or material in the sieve surface and funnel under the sieve, which will increase the equipment load and affect the amplitude. At this time, it is necessary to stop the machine first and reduce the material on the screen to the normal range, and then start. In addition, the size of the material is directly related to vibration screen amplitude.

5. The spring design is not reasonable

As we all know, vibrating screen is mainly composed of vibrator, screen box, supporting device, transmission and other parts. The spring is an important part of the support device. In the design of it, the spring to the net variable is less than the height of the support device; otherwise, it will cause small vibration screen amplitude.

However, if the net variable of the spring is too large, it may cause the body to detach from the spring.

6. Reasons on vibrating screen fault

1)Damage to motor or electrical components

First, check the motor. If the motor is broken, you need to replace it. Next, check the electrical components in the control line; replace them if they are damaged

2)The vibrator is not working.

Users should check the viscosity of the grease in the vibrator and add moderate grease, then check whether the vibrator is out of order, if so, repair or replace it in time.

Just one catch: When adjusting the vibrating screen amplitude, whether it is to increase the weight of eccentric blocks, or adjust the angle of eccentric blocks, the vibration source of the vibration screen (including vibrator or vibration motor) regulation must be the same; otherwise it will cause equipment damage.

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