Summary:For the industrial grinding mill, it can get a relatively longer life as long as we do maintenance work regularly.

Nothing can beat the time, and so it is with the industrial grinding mill. As we all know, each product has their own service life and using range. We can’t stop them from going to a dead end. In order to give play to the maximum performance and use value of it, we can prolong the service life of the machine in the process of use.

For the industrial grinding mill, it can get a relatively longer life as long as we do maintenance work regularly.

So how to judge the service life of industrial grinding mill and what should the users do?

Actually, in the process of using industrial equipment, its service life can be judged from several technical points. And you can extend its service life to an extent as long as these are properly controlled.

So what are the key parameters? Next SBM will share you them.

1. The lubrication

The first factor that relate to the service life of mill is the lubrication. It is important for grinding mill to do lubricate. The friction index of grinding mill will go up in a long period of high speed operation. Using lubricating oil can appropriately reduce some friction, thus avoiding wear of parts. In addition, it can also avoid other faults caused by heating of industrial grinding mill to extent the service life of the machine.

So user must do lubrication regularly to ensure its normal operation.

2. Grinding roll pressure

The second factor is grinding roll pressure. As we all know, the material treatment of grinding mill is realized by the grinding pressure from the grinding roller and the grinding disc, because the level of grinding rolls pressure can directly affect grinding efficiency. In order to improve the capacity of grinding mill, user can adjust the grinding pressure appropriately according to the hardness, humidity, material, feed size and fineness of finished product. But you need to handle it in moderation or you may not be able to get better effect.

3. Authoritative manufacturer

Finally, we need to choose a proper grinding mill company. Only through advanced manufacturing technology and superior high wear-resisting and high-quality material can the industrial grinding mill stand the baptism of ore and time, and have a longer service life.

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