Summary:Lubrication is an important part of daily maintenance of sand making machine. Lubricating can reduce wear of mechanical parts and extend their service life.

Lubrication is an important part of daily maintenance of sand making machine. Lubricating can reduce wear of mechanical parts and extend their service life. In addition, the frictional heat generated during the operation of the equipment can also be dissipated through lubricating oil.

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But there are still some problems even if we have already lubricated the sand making machine regularly. Now we can tell you that it may be due to a failure of lubrication. So the question is what causes the failure of lubrication? And how should we do?

Actually, there may be many reasons for the failure of lubrication of sand making machine, but here I will list 5 major reasons that cause the lubrication of sand making equipment failed.

1. Lubricating oil deterioration

Lubricating oil deterioration can cause the lubrication to fail. If the oil is exposed to sunlight for a long time, or impurities like water and dust enter, which will cause oil deterioration and failure of lubricating sand making machine. Therefore, it is necessary for users to do a good work of sealing lubrication system of the sand making machine.

2. The sand making machine is clogged

The sand making machine will generate dust that may enter into the equipment and cause a blockage in tubing during the production, which will lead to the lubrication system loses its lubrication. In this condition, users can adopt polymer composite pipe instead of the original pipeline that can reduce the blockage of the pipeline.

3. Inappropriate lubricating oil

User should choose lubricating oil according to the season, lubricating oil with low kinematic viscosity can be used in winter, and lubricating oil with high kinematic viscosity in summer. Because the sand making machine is in a state of high-speed rotation and vibration for a long time, users should choose the lubricating oil with good adhesion, high viscosity and vibration reduction.

4. The lubrication system is short of oil

If the oil pressure of the lubrication system of the sand making machine is too low or the system is cut off, the lubricating oil will not enter the right place and the lubrication part will be short of oil. For this, an alarm can be installed in the lubrication system. When the system is short of oil, the alarm will remind you to add oil in time, which can ensure the sand making machine has good lubrication effects.

5. There are impurities in lubrication system

Impurities in the sand making machine can also cause lubrication failure; therefore, the lubrication system needs to be cleaned in time. Users can use kerosene or gasoline to clean the parts of the lubrication system of sand making machine, ensuring it clean and reducing the lubrication failure.

In case of failure of lubrication during operation, the sand making machine should be checked in time. In addition, if you want to do lubrication well when using the sand machine equipment, you also need to buy qualified lubricating oil and maintain the correct lubrication operation.