Summary:To sum up, VSI6X series sand making machine is more suitable for making manufactured sand than Rod mill.

On the 7th National Science and Technology Conference of Aggregate Industry, some research institutes and manufacturing enterprises said that the Rod mill is not suitable for making manufactured sand. According to the comparison of Rod mill and sand making machine on site, they summed up several specific reasons.

1. The operation of rod mill is complex and its production efficiency is limited

The factors that influenced Rod mill’s capacity and quality are the working speed of its grinding cylinder and the surface type of its lining plate. Because they are difficult to regulate, productivity is easily constrained.

But the impact sand making machine has been optimized the structure of its crushing chamber. By equipping with "Rock On Rock" and "Rock On Iron" Crushing mode, it can make the operation easily and improve production efficiency greatly.

sand making machine

2. The Rod mill is noisy as well as high energy consumption

When Rod mill operating, it will be lifted to a certain height and then falls back, thus the crushing process is completed by collision with parts like rock block, grinding cylinder and lining plate. This process will make a tremendous noise so that multiple Rod mill equipment work simultaneously will cause noise pollution. In addition, Rod mill will consume a lot of water, electricity and steel. This means huge costs in the process of production.

But VSI6X Series sand making machine adopts shock absorbing design, which can reduce noise to a certain extent. By equipped with a unique air self-circulation system, it greatly reduces the dust, more in line with the environmental requirements.

3. The finished product quality of Rod mill is uncontrollable

As we all know, there is a special sand grain particle requirement for producing concrete. And the granule of manufactured sand processed by Rod mill is flaky that can’t meet the standard. If users take some measures to improve the qualified rate of finished products to reduce the loss, there will be another problem that stone powder content exceeds the standard. It causes the increase the amount of cement as well as the cost.

But the finished product produced by VSI6X Sand Maker is cubic with good particle, especially suitable for making sand and stone shaping.

manufactured sand

4. Many hard maintenance of Rod mill

Due to its own large weight, Rod mill often causes the foundation to sink (combined with the weight and operation of materials, the impact force produced by grinding rod falling back and the vibration load of the fuselage). There is no doubt that the operation stability of Rod mill is limited.

Therefore, the Rod mill may appear the bending deformation problem caused by wear in the long term operation. In addition, uneven feeding and too large input size are also easy to break rod.

Due to its unique machine models, the maintenance and disassembly of each component of Rod mill is difficult, which not only cause shutdown frequently, but increases the production cost.

The impact crushing sand making machine adopts double motor, automatic thin oil lubrication, and hydraulic opening device. Meanwhile, it has also optimized its hopper and maintenance platform, which makes the device more stable and reliable, ensuring more convenient maintenance operation.

To sum up, VSI6X series sand making machine is more suitable for making manufactured sand than Rod mill. Want to know the price, parameter and other professional questions about Rod mill and sand making machine, welcome to call or online consultation, we will send professionals to answer you.