Summary:The cone crusher is mainly divided into upper and lower parts, of which we call it “upper cavity”, which is mainly broken according to the principle

The cone crusher is mainly divided into upper and bottom parts, the upper parts we call it "upper cavity", which is mainly broken according to the principle of material layer, and the bottom is "lower cavity". According to the crushing chamber of the cone crusher, it can be generally divided into three types: medium crushing, medium fine crushing and fine crushing. In the selection process, it is necessary to take into account the specifications of the finished product that the customer needs. Of course, the cone machine produced by the relatively mature cone crusher manufacturer can be fine-tuned to meet the customer's size. Different needs.

The principle of the broken stone of the cone crusher is because it continuously breaks the ore with the rotation of the cone shaft. This working principle leads to a higher production efficiency of the cone crusher than other mine crushing equipment, and the wear and consumption of the lower sheet material makes the replacement frequency of the wearing parts greatly reduced, thereby ensuring the normal production of the ore crushing of the customer. It is worth mentioning that the new type of crushing chamber equipped with the new cone crusher has increased the effective specifications of the equipment compared with the traditional crusher, which is equivalent to the working efficiency of the small crusher and the large crusher, making this cone The crusher production efficiency is greatly improved.

The last point to be said is that the energy-saving transformers installed in the cone crusher can save 10%-20% energy compared with the traditional transformers, greatly reducing the energy consumption of the entire mine production line. Customers save production costs.