Summary: in the actual production, there are many factors related to the output of sand making machine such as: the hardness of material, humidity, finished sand fineness, equipment quality, and so on.

Many users are always complaining the low production of their sand making machine after buying and want to know what the reason. In fact, in the actual production, there are many factors related to the output of sand making machine such as: the hardness of material, humidity, finished sand fineness, equipment quality, and so on. But 7 of them are the most crucial. The details are as follows:

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sand making machine

1. Different raw materials

Different raw materials have different hardness, viscosity and humidity. So the output of the sand making machine will also different according to the different materials.

  • 1) Viscosity of material
    The greater the material viscosity, the easier it is to adhere. Materials with high viscosity will adhere to the inner wall of sand chamber in sand making machine.If not cleaned in time, the working efficiency of sand making machine will be seriously affected and even the normal operation of sand making machine will be affected.Therefore, it should be noted that the material viscosity should not be too large.
  • 2) Powder Content

    The higher the powder content in material, the more it affects sand production, because these fine powder easy to adhere to affect the transport. Therefore, the material with more fine powder content should be screened in advance, and the fine powder should be screened out from the material as far as possible, so as not to affect the work of sand making machine.

  • 3) Material humidity

    When the material is crushed in sand making machine, materials with higher water content is easy to adhere to, which may cause blocked and cannot be delivered, resulting in the sand making machine output reduction.So when selecting materials, the humidity of materials should be strictly controlled. If its humidity is too high, we can reduce the moisture in materials by sun or air drying.

  • 4) Material hardness

    The harder the material, the harder it is to sand and the faster the equipment wears down. This shows that the material selection to choose moderate hardness.

2. Design of sand production line

The output is also related to the equipment in the whole production line. The configuration of a production line should consider all factors comprehensively. For example, if you want to produce 500 tons sand an hour, it cannot only require the output of sand making machine to reach 500t. Other equipment like jaw crusher, cone crusher, belt convey and so on should be matched to work together. Otherwise, that is unable to meet the production requirements.

3. Machine Type

Each type of sand making machine produces at various manufacturers is a different size and specification. The capacity and power of different types of equipment is not the same.When purchasing equipment, we should have an understanding of their basic production or you may get a wrong product which not only affect the output, but may cost you higher.

4. Quality of machine

Sand making machine with high quality not only has advantages on comprehensive performances, but has advantages on energy saving and environmental protecting. It can easily achieve the expected output. Because this kinds of equipment was made by new wear resistant material and advanced production technology, which can nice meet the production needs.

5. Speed of Impeller

In a vertical shaft impact crusher, there is a relation between the input size of material and the linear velocity of rotor.

Under the same working condition, if the particle size of raw material is larger, the linear speed of crusher rotor is low. Therefore, under the same condition of particle size, water content and feed amount of incoming material, the rotor speed (linear speed) of sand making machine can be appropriately increased. It is thus no surprise to help raising production.

6. Standard operation and periodic maintenance

It is very important to keep right operation and regular maintenance of machine, which will also affect the amount of sand making.

Continuous and uniform feeding can not only ensure normal production, but improve the productivity. If users don’t do regular maintenance, it will cause wearing parts wear faster and greatly reduce equipment life, which all causes low output.

7. Requirements on fineness of finished sand

This is also for a special reason. The greater the fineness requirement (the finer the finished material)is, the smaller the sand production capacity. This is up to what kind of fineness you want.

In conclusion, that sand making machine can't reach the original output is related to the above 7 factors. So when choosing a machine, user needs to consider their own condition. We believe that as long as these factors are followed—choosing right product, correct operation, more inspection and maintenance, which can be effectively improved the sand production.