Summary:What are the common crushing methods for crushers:Crushing method: using two crushing working faces to pressurize the material to crush the material. The charac

What are the common crushing methods for crushers:

Crushing method: using two crushing working faces to pressurize the material to crush the material. The characteristic of this method is that the force is gradually increased, and the range of force is larger;

The mashing method: the material is broken by the force of the sharp teeth wedged into the material, and the characteristic is that the range of the force is concentrated, and local rupture occurs;
Fracture method: When the material is broken, the material is broken and broken due to the bending force concentrated in the opposite direction. This method is characterized by the fact that it is subjected to bending force in addition to the external force, and thus is easy to make The ore is broken.
Grinding and stripping method: The crushing working surface moves relatively on the material, thereby generating shearing force on the material. This force acts on the surface of the ore and is suitable for grinding fine materials.
Impact method: The crushing force is instantaneously applied to the material, so it is also called power breaking.
Then the crushing method of the crusher equipment is divided into two types: mechanical crushing and non-mechanical crushing.
Mechanical crushing is divided into external crushing mode, crushing, impact crushing, grinding crushing, splitting and bending and crushing.
Non-mechanical crushing includes: explosion crushing, hydraulic crushing, ultrasonic crushing (that is, using the impact of ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation to break the material), thermal cracking (that is, heating the material, changing its surrounding pressure to break it), high-frequency electromagnetic wave breaking (Using high-frequency or over-frequency electromagnetic waves (above 3000MHz/s) to make the surface of the material subject to high heat, causing huge tension to break), hydroelectric effect is broken (using ionic liquid to produce short-term pulse high-voltage discharge to break the material).