Summary:Raymond mill is one of the widely used equipment in grinding industry. According to industry statistics, the market share of Raymond mill in China is as high as more than 70%.

Raymond mill is one of the widely used equipment in grinding industry. According to industry statistics, the market share of Raymond mill in China is as high as more than 70%. However, there will be a decrease in the powder output in the process of production; this will affectthe production efficiency directly. So here, we will share 4 reasons about why the Raymond mill yield has decreased and how to improve it.

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Why the output of Raymond is less than what we expected

1. Lock powder is not tightly sealed
In the grinding process, if the seal of the lock of the Raymond mill is not in position, the powder will suck backto machine which will result in low output or no powder. User should check to see if the powder lock is properly sealed before operation.

2. Analytical engine doesn't working
The analysis engine of Raymond mill is working for analyzing the size of the finished powder, such as whether it meets the standard and whether it needs to be grinded again.

However, under the condition of severe wear of blade of the analytical engine, it will notwork for classification, which will cause the finished powder to be too coarse or too fine. If you face this question, you can change to a new blade to solve it.

3. The fan is not properly adjusted.
If the fan of RaymondMill is not adjusted properly, the grinding mill will produce abnormal finished product. Generally, if the blast capacity is too large, the powder will be too coarse. If the blast capacity is too small, the powder will be too fine. So under the condition that there is no abnormality in other areas, the capacity of the fan should be adjusted to correct the output size.

4. The shovel is broken.
The shovel of Raymond mill is working for lifting materials, it may also result in no or less powder when the shovel has been used for a long time or the quality is not good enough (already showing signs of wear). For this, it is necessary to replace a new shovel knife, so as to ensure the normal running of equipment.

How to improve powder output

Generally speaking, in order to make the Raymond mill in the production process of large amount of powder and high output, there are the following requirements:

1.Scientific and rational collocation
When Raymond mill is working properly, user has to consider both the selection of equipment model and material selection. On the one hand, we should consider whether the machine can meet daily production requirements to avoid overload, on the other hand, we should choose moderate hardness as soon as possible (more suitable for Raymond mill materials) because it can prevent materials with too much hardness from blocking in the outlet, which makes it difficult to produce powder.

2. Appropriate selection of hoist speed
The bearing capacity of main motor is a factor to improve the efficiency of grinding mill. The grinding capacity of the machine can be improved by increasing the kinetic energy of the mill and adjusting the belt or replacing it.

3. Keep regular maintenance
The Raymond mill should be overhauled after a period of use (including the replacement of vulnerable parts). Before the use of the grinding roller device, the connecting bolt and nut should be carefully checkedwhether there is any loose or the lubricating grease is not added enough. In addition, when the roller grinding device is used for more than 500 hours and the roller should be replaced, some parts like rolling bearings (in the roller sleeve) must be cleaned. Other vulnerableparts should be replaced in time.