Summary:SBM can design iron ore crushing plant of different sizes according to customers' specific needs and site conditions.

As the foundation of steel production, high-quality iron ore is essential. Iron ore crushing plants efficiently process mined rock into feedstock for blast furnaces and DRI plants worldwide.

Iron Ore Crushing Plant Process Flow

Run-of-mine ore is transported to primary crushers via conveyors or trucks. Jaw and gyratory crushers break ore exceeding 1m into 200mm or smaller pieces. Secondary and tertiary crushers further reduce ore sizes.

Screens classify crushed ore into various fractions for sorting. Magnetic separators then remove unwanted waste silicates. Belt conveyors move correctly sized ore to stockpiles for blending to client specifications.

In the iron ore crushing plant, gyratory, jaw, cone and impact crushers are commonly used. Gyratory crushers have high throughput rates and are suited to large primary crushing. Jaw crushers suit primary crushing of harder ores or where fines are undesirable. Cone crushers are adaptable for secondary or tertiary crushing of hard and abrasive ores. Impact crushers are suitable for soft and non-abrasive ores. Equipment selection depends on capacity, ore hardness, required product size and shape.

iron ore crushing process

Two Types of Iron Ore Crushing Plant

Iron ore crushing plants are divided into two types: fixed iron ore crushing plant and mobile iron ore crushing plant. For projects with complex transportation environments and high transportation costs, mobile crushing production lines are generally used.

Fixed Iron Ore Crushing Plant

  1. Suitable for long-term iron ore mining projects with wide resource coverage and large output;
  2. Utilizing mature power grid infrastructure, high crushing efficiency;
  3. However, it requires a large investment in construction and the transportation distance is limited.

Mobile Iron Ore Crushing Plant

  1. Suitable for projects with dispersed resource distribution and short-term mining;
  2. Flexible deployment of transformer box trucks saves costs;
  3. Automatic control, safe and reliable;
  4. Can be disassembled and assembled according to needs.

5 Types of Iron Ore Crushing Plants for Sale

As a professional iron ore processing equipment manufacturer, SBM has long been committed to providing customers with high-quality customized solutions. We can design iron ore crushing plant of different sizes according to customers' specific needs and site conditions. The following will briefly introduce several common iron ore crushing production line types and their main specifications.

1. Thailand 1000TPD Iron Ore Crushing Plant


Production capacity: 100 t/h

Feeding specification: 600mm

Finished product specifications: below 25mm

Configuration equipment: feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, 3 vibrating screens

Production Process

The iron ore raw materials are evenly fed by the TSW feeder, enter the high-energy jaw crusher for coarse crushing, and then enter the cone crusher CS for secondary crushing. The intermediate crushed stone enters the vibrating screen for screening, and the returned material enters the secondary crushing, 0-15mm ,15-25mm is screened out.

Iron Ore Crushing Plant

Product Advantages

High-energy jaw crusher: By optimizing the crushing cavity shape, eccentricity and dynamic trajectory, the output of HJ is greatly increased compared with other products of the same specifications; the machine vibration is lower and the operation is more stable;

CS Cone Crusher: Based on the traditional spring cone crusher technology, the cavity shape is optimized to further improve its performance; its traditional and reliable spring safety device is retained, and the adjustment device is changed to a hydraulic push device to ensure the stability of the equipment to the greatest extent. , making the operation more convenient.

2. 300 TPH Mobile Iron Ore Crushing Plant


The company needs to build a crushing line to process iron ore. Due to limitations of the site and other factors, a portable crusher plant was selected after multiple inspections.

Daily operation: 12 hours

Materials: imported iron ore

Finished product: 0-10mm

Output: 300 tons

Equipment configuration: mobile crusher

Host configuration: HPT300 multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, vibrating screen

Mobile Crusher Advantages

Modular design

The overall modular design has strong universal interchangeability. When there is an order, it can be quickly assembled into the required mobile station model to reduce the production cycle and meet customer needs for fast delivery.

Dedicated high-performance host

In order to ensure the production energy efficiency of the production line and reduce the difficulty of maintenance, the equipment is equipped with a high-performance host specially developed and customized for mobile stations. The production capacity efficiency is improved, and maintenance adjustments are more convenient, effectively improving the production line's production capacity and finished product quality.

mobile iron ore crushing plant

3. 14 million TPY Iron Ore Crushing Plant

This project is a major national major mining project with an annual processing capacity of 14 million tons of ore. Due to the need for technical improvements, in the iron ore fine crushing stage, the original old-fashioned spring cone crusher PYD1650 was replaced with a multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher HPT300. The fine crushing discharge particle size reached below 12mm, and the output was 145 tons/hour. The fine crushing output has been significantly improved, and the fine particle size content has greatly exceeded expectations.

Daily operation: 24 hours

Feed: iron ore

Finished product: less than 12mm

Annual processing capacity: 14 million tons

Equipment configuration: 900*1200 jaw crusher, HPT300 multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

4. Mexico Iron Ore Crushing Project

There are 8 mining areas on the Mexican iron ore project site, which are relatively scattered. Investing in fixed production lines has high transportation costs. After multiple inspections, a mobile crushing station was adopted.

Daily operation: 18 hours

Feed: magnetite

Finished product: 0-10mm

Production: 20,000 tons per day

Equipment configuration: 16 units mobile crusher

5. 150 TPH Iron Ore Production Line

Raw materials: imported iron ore

Feed: below 150mm

Finished product particle size: below 10mm

Output: 150 t/h

Equipment configuration: HPT300 cone crusher

Since the raw material particle size of imported iron ore is already below 150mm, there is no need for coarse crushing. The entire production line is mainly configured with medium and fine crushing equipment, mainly using HPT300 multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.

The raw materials are directly fed into the cone crusher through the feeder for intermediate and fine crushing. The crushed stones are sent to the screening equipment for screening. The screened finished products that meet the requirements of less than 10mm are sent to the finished product pile, and those larger than 10mm are returned to the cone crusher to continue. Crush and sieve.