Summary:The protagonist of today's article is from a large mining group in Inner Mongolia. The group has built 400t/h, 500t/h and 1000t/h magnetite crushing and beneficiation production lines respectively. All three project’s equipment comes from SBM.

Repeated Purchase Story

Inner Mongolia is the main magnetite storage area in China. Mineral resources are not only rich in reserves, but also concentrated in distribution, mainly including sulfur, copper, iron, lead, zinc, gold, etc.

The protagonist of today's article is from a large mining group in Inner Mongolia. The group has built 400t/h, 500t/h and 1000t/h magnetite crushing and beneficiation production lines respectively. All three project’s equipment comes from SBM.

Three Magnetite Crushing and Beneficiation Projects From SBM Inner Mongolia Customer 2021

Upgrading and transformation of 400t/h magnetite crushing and beneficiation project

Before cooperating with SBM, the customer has tried various crushers for its 400t/h production line. However, the using effect of all of these crushers was far away from expectation, which made the customer both puzzled and distressed.

In August 2020, the customer finally couldn’t stand the problems and decided to upgrade the production line. They contacted SBM, asking for technical diagnosis and a transformation scheme.

After on-the-spot investigation, SBM had a detailed understanding of the project operation, and the technical engineer has formulated a comprehensive system upgrade and transformation plan for the customer.

After the transformation, the PEW860 Jaw Crusher was used to replace the original jaw crusher in the coarse crushing stage, which solved the jamming problem. Later, the HST250 cone crusher was added to replace the previous one, thereby, efficiency improved and the pressure of later fine crushing and screening reduced.

So far, the upgraded production line has been running stably. The customer gave a thumb-up and chose to cooperate with SBM in later projects with no hesitation.

Another cooperation for 500t/h magnetite crushing and beneficiation project

After the stable operation of the 400t/h project, the client company initiated the technical transformation plan of another production line, and planned to invest 130 million yuan to build a new 500t/h production line to replace the original 200t/h production line.

On the eve of the Spring Festival, SBM’s technical team went to the project site again to conduct a detailed survey of the terrain, sampled and studied the materials, and proposed a detailed design plan. SBM once again moved the customer with its professionalism. The customer chose SBM’s complete set of crushing and screening equipment.

Project background

【project location】 Inner Mongolia

【project scale】500t/h

【project type】Magnetite crushing and beneficiation

【investment】130 million RMB (equals to 20 million USD)

【production flowchart】3-stage crushing

【feeding size】:0-800mm

【production size】:0-12mm

【main equipment】:F5X vibrating feeder; C6X jaw crusher;HST single cylinder cone crusher;HPT multi cylinder cone crusher;S5X vibrating screen

【Project status】: being operated

magnetite crushing and beneficiation equipment

The third cooperation for 1000t/h magnetite project, which a variety of large-scale equipment was from SBM

The end of the epidemic abroad is still in sight. The Sino-Australian relationship has cooled, which leaded the import of iron ore has been blocked, and the situation of magnetite price has been on the rise, which undoubtedly gave customers great investment confidence.

With the 500t/h production line has been installed as scheduled, the customer then deployed a 1000t/h magnetite crushing and beneficiation production line.

In view of the cooperation process of the first two projects, whether it is the production scheme, delivery time, installation service, accessories service, or equipment stability, SBM has made customers feel the sense of value acquisition with a responsible attitude and professionalism. Therefore, the customer still chose SBM for the 1000t/h production line.

C6X160 jaw crusher, HST450 single-cylinder cone crusher, S5X3680 vibrating screen and many other large-scale equipment will also play a role again. At present, the equipment has been installed in place.

1000t/h magnetite project from SBM

There are four main reasons why the customer trusts SBM so much:

First, the responsible attitude and super service ability

SBM is always able to put themselves in the customer's shoes. They know what the customers really care about. And the service is impeccable from pre-sale technology, production and delivery, whole-process construction planning guidance, spare parts supply, to after-sales troubleshooting.

Second, the professionalism

The technical team can point out the problems of the original equipment in the transformation of the old production line, and propose targeted solutions, speaking with various technical data; new projects can be considered in combination with various factors such as materials, terrain, actual production capacity, and occasional operation conditions, etc. to ensure the rationality of the plan.

Third, numerous project cases

SBM can provide a full range of equipment from coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing to feeding and screening with different capacity specifications, covering various requirements.

Fourth, rich successful experience

In the field of metal mines, SBM’s products are widely used in gold mines, copper mines, iron mines, manganese mines, nickel mines, lead-zinc mines, aluminium mines, magnesium mines and other metal mines. Many outstanding enterprises such as Chinalco, Zijin Mining, Western Mining, Tianyuan Manganese Industry, Jiachen Group have established good cooperative relations and enhanced customer confidence.

——Talking about multiple cooperation between the two parties, the project manager said.