Summary:There is more and more sand aggregates demand with the rapid development of infrastructure. A source of sand aggregates has two aspects: One is natural sand, and the other is manufactured sand.

There is more and more sand aggregates demand with the rapid development of infrastructure. A source of sand aggregates has two aspects: One is natural sand, and the other is manufactured sand. But, as we all know, the nature sand resources does not supply all the time. With the increasing market demand of manufactured sand, now many investors invest in sand making equipment to produce sand aggregates, and how to choose the equipment becomes an interest problem for them.

At present, there are two kinds of production forms in crushing: mobile crusher and fixed crushing plant. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages, so how should we choose the right crushing equipment.

For different devices, firstly we need to understand what features they have and what are they good for, which can be able to help us make better choices.

Mobile Crusher

  • 1. It can be put into production after installation and debugging no need for the early stage of foundation construction. So users can quickly establish a temporary crushing production line able to avoid the tedious planning and construction investment.
  • 2. Mobile crusher plant has the characteristics of mobility so it's unaffected by power, raw materials and production site.You can use it anytime, anywhere which to some extent saves equipment transportation costs.
  • 3. A mobile crusher includes crushing device, screening deviceand transport device. That is to say, mobile crusher plant can easily realize the whole process from crushing of raw materials to the transport of finished products. Whether you choose to screen and then crush, or crush first and then screen.
mobile crusher, mobile crushing plant

To sum up, we can see that the mobile crusher is equivalent to a small crushing production lineincluding the function of a fixed crushing production line. Compared to the fixed crushing plant, the mobile crusher meant less areas and more flexible and is very suitable for environmental protection plant with small output, especially where the crushing site is narrow. So it's often used for crushing construction waste, which is not very concentrated and requires high mobility, so as to effectively improve the production efficiency.

fixed crushing plant

Fixed Crushing Plant

  • 1. Fixed crushing plant can be flexibly configured and users can design the production line according to their needs.
  • 2. There is no denying that fixed crushing plant has strong stability, small loss and long service life. That is to say, once the equipment is put into production, you just have to consider how to keep the routine maintenance and how to reduce the wear and tear of the equipment, because the failure rate of fixed crushing plant is low.
  • 3. Compare to mobile crusher, it is easy to maintain and can bring considerable economic benefits to customers.
  • 4. But on the other hand, there is need site foundation for fixed crushing plant. It lacks of flexibility and has a certain requirements for the site and basic infrastructure. For example, when adopting outdoor production, the protection of power supply should be considered. In addition, the raw materials are transported through a lot of manpower in production process, which may increase the production cost.

To sum up, this kind of crushing production plant is usually used in the aggregate of stones and suitable for the manufacturers who have relatively stable supply market. Some of the more conditions are limestone, basalt, granite, pebbles and other kinds of hardness rock crushing processing.

So back to the topic of which is better choice for the mobile crusher and the fixed crushing production plant: Mobile crusher is more than fixed crushing plant in operation to reduce space and time, can better adapt to the needs of the field. And on the other hand, the fixed production plant is more widely applicable to materials. So users can accord their own actual situation to choose the right one.