Summary:The SBM's after-sales service team communicated with the customer in detail about the production and operation of the sand and gravel aggregate project, and communicated with on-site production personnel on equipment maintenance matters.

Zhejiang, located on the southeast coast of China, has abundant reserves of non-metallic mineral resources. Relying on its unique geographical resource advantages and policy economic advantages, the sand and gravel industry in Zhejiang is developing rapidly, stepping into the high-quality development track of sand and gravel, providing mature reference models for the development of sand and gravel in various parts of the country.

tunnel slag crushing processing project

SBM, a leading player in the sand and gravel industry in China, upholds a positioning of "high-end, high-quality, and high standard." With its expertise in providing top-notch sand and gravel aggregate solutions, the company has successfully supported numerous benchmark projects in Zhejiang.

Today, we embark on a journey alongside the after-sales service team to explore the remarkable on-site conditions of these esteemed high-quality sandstone projects, which have garnered immense praise from satisfied customers.

500t/h tunnel slag crushing processing project

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The project involves processing tunnel debris into crushed stone and manufactured sand. The project has a daily production capacity of 450-500 tons, using raw materials with a size smaller than 650mm. The final products include 0-4.75mm manufactured sand, 4.75-9.5mm, 9.5-19.5mm, and 19.5-31.5mm premium crushed stones. The finished materials will be used for the high-speed connection line project.

Size of sand and gravel aggregates

The project adopts the high-quality sand and gravel processing technology from SBM. The equipment includes F5X vibrating feeder, C6X jaw crusher, HST single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, HPT multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, VSI6X sand making machine, vibrating screen, dust collector, and others.

tunnel slag crushing machine

During the follow-up visit, the customer requested an increase in the production capacity of the production line. The after-sales team from SBM, after comprehensively assessing the overall operation of the project, provided professional guidance: "Currently, the entire production line operates at around 60% capacity. In the future, by optimizing the feeding process and maintaining the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher in an ideal working condition, the demand for increased production capacity can be fully met." The professional guidance addressed the customer's concerns, and the exchange of questions and answers demonstrated the true capabilities of the service team. As a result of this visit, the customer stated, "If we invest in and construct a new sand and gravel production line in the future, we hope that SBM will continue to be our partner!"

4 Million TPY River Pebble Sand Production Line

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The total investment in this project is over 600 million RMB. The crushed material is sourced from purchased river pebbles, with a maximum size of less than 200mm. The final product is 0-4.75mm manufactured sand. Currently, the annual production capacity for manufactured sand is 4 million tons. After the completion of the second-phase manufactured sand production line, the planned production capacity is expected to reach 20 million tons per year.

4 Million TPY River Pebble Sand Production Line

The project utilizes 2 single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers, 4 VSI6X sand making machines, 6 S5X vibrating screens, and other main equipment from SBM. Since the project's operation, it has maintained high efficiency and stability.

The follow-up process is approaching a typhoon period, and the project owner has highly recognized the professional quality and hardworking service spirit of the SBM after-sales team. They have expressed that the equipment quality of SBM is trustworthy and recognized in the industry. After conducting a detailed inspection of the production line and communicating with the owner, the service engineer gave the key points of equipment operation and maintenance, and stated that they would provide high-value technical support for the long-term stable operation of the production line. As long as the customer needs it, SBM will always be there!

river pebble sand making machine

Tuff Sand and Gravel Aggregates Project

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SBM has customized a comprehensive solution for sand and gravel aggregates for this project, providing professional technical services throughout the entire lifecycle, significantly improving the overall operation and maintenance level of the project. A mine has transformed into a golden mountain in green development.

Tuff Sand and Gravel Aggregates Plant

The parent rock of this project is tuff, with an hourly production of 800 tons. The raw material size is less than 1000mm, and the finished product is 0-3.5mm machine-made sand and 7-16-29mm high-quality aggregate.

The main equipment of the project includes: 2 F5X vibrating feeders, 2 C6X jaw crushers, 1 HST single cylinder hydraulic cone crushers, 2 HPT multi cylinder hydraulic cone crushers, 2 VSI6X sand making machines, and several S5X vibrating screens.

Our engineers are helping customers check the equipment operation status

During the follow-up visit, the SBM after-sales service team communicated with the customer in detail about the production and operation of the project, communicated with on-site production personnel on equipment maintenance matters, and reminded the customer to spare emergency electrical components. Starting from details, they provided technical guidance for more efficient production of the project.

The customer sincerely sighed, "From the regular after-sales follow-up activities held by SBM every year, it can be seen that SBM is a responsible and responsible big brand. Not only is the equipment quality good, but the service is also very up to standard"