The Story behind High-end Mining Equipment Enterprise


Summary:All kinds of experiences are precious wealth of life and each experience is a special story, here is the story belongs to SBM.

All kinds of experiences are precious wealth of life and each experience is a special story, here is the story belongs to SBM.

How much further Chinese mining manufacturing has to go?

In the past, China's industrial foundation is weak, backward in science, technology and development. High-end mining equipment can only rely on imports. After the reform and opening up, although domestic mining enterprises had made r&d breakthroughs in many fields, there is still a big gap with developed countries in some core technologies.

Under this background, as a core Chinese mining manufacturing company, SBM had made an important decision after fully investigating the market demand of domestic mining equipment. That is to break the technical barriers of high-end cone crusher.

In order to solve this problem, SBM's R&D team had consulted a lot of technical literatures, visited many technical experts in engineering technology research institute, material assembly and other fields, and demonstrated repeatedly.

After more than 300 days of efforts, a high performance multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher had finally produced successfully.

Now, SBM's cone crusher has become the industry leader.

How does Chinese traditional manufacturing start its trek to world through Internet?

In 1997, two Chinese e-commerce companies, China Commodity Exchange Center (CCEC) and China Chemical Network (ChemNet), were launched respectively.

In 2003, Taobao was launched. From then on, C2C became the main business model in China's PC online market (including B2C and C2C).

At that time, social networks were just emerging and numerous business opportunities were emerging in the Internet world. In this environment, SBM made an important decision—— to develop its own e-commerce.

In 2004, SBM stared the e-commerce operations, formally opened the mining machine industry to take advantage of the Internet...

As the pioneer of Internet promotion in the whole industry, SBM had no case to refer to and can only explore its own way. Meanwhile, there is no experience to follow except that strives by them.

SBM e-commerce has gradually improved with one trying after another, and quickly stable, expand. Now, SBM products and services through the Internet to more than 170 countries and regions, it makes customers around the world know SBM and understand the strength of China's manufacturing.

Benefited from the e-commerce and based on excellent products and services, SBM has won the recognition of customers around the world. The export volume of SBM has been ranked first in the industry for many years.

Listen to the voice of the service engineer; explore the footprints of China's mining company to the world.

If your job requires traveling the world, do you know how many countries you might travel to?

"I am not sure how many places anyone else's has been, but I have traveled to 46 countries. I want to go to more places on business if I can." Mr. Wang—A SBM's technical service engineer.

In 2005, Mr. Wang accepted his first international assignment. He said:" I used to be in charge of Chinese business. Suddenly one day, the company informed me that they need a senior technical engineer to lead a team for a foreign project, and they wanted me to go. I was pleasantly surprised, grateful for the company's recognition of me, but also worried about not adapting to the geographical and cultural differences of foreign countries."

Keep in idea concussion again the mood, Mr. Wang took the first step towards the international market.

Today, Mr. Wang has traveled to 46 countries and regions around the world, with more and more stamps on his passport. Up to now, he has accumulated six passports.

For Mr. Wang, every stamp represents a precious experience, and every project is a precious life treasure. Meanwhile, he had the honor to be received and recognized by the King of Tonga.

"I'm really proud of myself and SBM," Mr. Wang said.

These are all stories belonging to SBM, but also the story of this era. From Chinese to the world, From a small business to a big enterprise that now has global influence, SBM has gone too far, with years'of experience, we firmly believe we’ll continue to make efforts, continue to move forward in the future.