SBM Welcomes New Faces 2021


Summary:This July, again, SBM greets new faces and they are coming.

This July, again, SBM greets new faces and they are coming.

On July 3, 2021, SBM welcomed the new employees and helped them register. With the youthfulness of students and the vigor of the new generation, they start a new challenge.

The new employees was trained in business etiquette, skills, product knowledge and management system to further understand the company and have a more in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the development, corporate culture, business processes and management system.

At the same time, SBM prepared ice breaker, new and old staff exchange meeting, birthday party, factory tour, game interaction and group building activities at Dishui Lake to help new employees quickly adapt to the new environment and integrate into the group family.

Birthday party, new and old staff exchange party

Factory tour

Outdoor barbecue

Group building in Dishui Lake

Through ten days of training, the new employees gradually become a united and loving collective. Their persistence and efforts have sounded the trumpet of a new round of battle for the company.

Completion ceremony of 2021 new employees' induction training

On July 13, the 2021 new employees' induction training and completion ceremony was held, drawing a successful conclusion to the nearly ten days of induction training.

Recognition for Outstanding Individual

The ceremony commended four new employees who performed well during the training period, and the Group CEO issued honorary certificates to them.

Speeches from the representatives of new employees

During the ceremony, the representatives of new employees made speeches and shared with the audience about what they had seen and felt since they first arrived at SBM.

Speeches from the representatives of old employees

As the experienced seniors of the company, the representatives of the old employees shared their experience since they joined the company and expressed their welcome to the newcomers, and encouraged the new employees to take the initiative to learn and accumulate, so as to realize the development of both the individual and the company.

Speech from Executive Vice President, Mr.Fang

During the ceremony, Mr. Fang, the executive vice president of the company, made a sincere speech to the new employees: we hope that every new employee in this room can have a clear perception of time, stay young, stay vigorous, create value and share value.

Presentation of graduation certificate

The moment of harvest - the managers of the centers present in turn awarded graduation certificates to everyone. From this moment on, everyone here get rid of the childishness of student days and become a real "professional" with every expectation of SBM.

2021 New employee induction and completion ceremony ended successfully

After 10 days of intense and fulfilling training, the induction of 2021 has been successfully concluded. We hope that in the future new employees, under the leadership of SBM, will be determined to struggle, pioneer and forge ahead, so that our common cause will be passed on.