Project background introduction

Company introduction

TATA Steel Limited, being the tenth biggest steel company in the world, has over one hundred years of splendid history in steel industry. The present yield of crude steel is 30 million tons per year (MTPA). The company was established in 1907 and was the first comprehensive steel company in the world and has become one of the "Fortune 500 companies".

TATA Steel's market share is evenly distributed in the developed European market and new Asia market, which are more than 50 markets in total. It has manufacturing plants in 26 countries.

TATA Steel has an annual yield of 6.8 million tons of crude steel in Jamshedpur (India) which was planned to reach 10 million tons in 2011. The company is also planning to invest in Jharkhand, Orissa and Chhattisgarh to build three steel companies respectively to reach an annual increase of 23 million tons. Furthermore, the investment for another new steel company in Vietnam is put on the schedule too.

Industry introduction

Burning coal discharges immense amount of SO2,NOx and CO2, causing severe pollution to the environment and the acid rain becomes worse too, which have greatly threatened our living environment. Therefore, it becomes urgent and necessary to strengthen the control of SO2 from thermal power plant.

Customer Design Scheme

Limestone (CaO >81.6%, silicate≦2%)
Input Size:
Output Size:
200mesh D90
30-35 TPH

Solution Drawing

Tower-type design is adopted with a total height of around 25m.3 sets of machines are connected in parallel with a total output 30 tons per hour.

On-site photos

Customer feedback

We had imported equipment from many countries including Germany, America, and India. The cooperation with SBM has impressed us deeply that the quality of Chinese equipment can be as good as that of European and American equipment.

We were moved by SBM intimate service from the prompt response to our first inquiry to the after-sale service. Especially at the period of equipment erection, the engineers and staff from Indian office lived at our work site to instruct and follow up the work, carefully and earnestly. When the project was under commissioning and operation, the whole situation was very satisfying. Although there were quite a few problems in the process, SBM responded fast and implemented services to help us solve the problems very soon.

It is very normal to have various problems in the process of the project engineering, however, as the owner, what we care most is the response to feedback and the attitude and speed of solutions. In this point, SBM has really made us satisfied.

The 3 facilities in the new plant having a yield of 30-35tph have not only large output and good environmental effect, but also consume very little electricity. The most critical thing is that the power plant is very satisfied with our desulfurization agent; the fineness is under well control and the international standard control system makes our work simple. We have another milling project under discussion at the moment, and we hope to reach further cooperation.