Summary:Under the situation of rapid development of mining machinery, various portable crusher plant emerge in endlessly in the mechanical industry.

Under the situation of rapid development of mining machinery, various portable crusher plant emerge in endlessly in the mechanical industry. New technologies and new designs also constantly promote the overall development level of the industry. The portable crusher plant plays an important role in the fields of metallurgy, coal, mineral processing, chemical industry, building materials, hydropower, highway, railway, construction waste disposal and other areas requiring removal operations and mobile stone processing.

Combined with the needs of production, the traditional mobile crushing station is gradually improving, more automated, environmentally friendly and intelligent. For example, the working environment of mobile crushing station is often dangerous, some of which are even worse. In order to reduce the impact of the environment on relevant workers, it is necessary for the crushing station to be operated by nobody and remote control technology.

Mobile crushing and screening plant integrates material receiving, crushing, screening, transmission and other process equipment. Through the optimization of process flow, it has excellent crushing performance of rock crushing, aggregate production and open-pit mining.The whole equipment has advanced design, excellent performance, high production efficiency, easy operation and stable operation. Compared with all kinds of fixed crushing stations, portable crushing stations can form a powerful crushing pipeline through the combined use of different types of crushing stations. It is like a small and medium-sized mobile crushing processing plant, which can complete the crushing operations required by various crushing ratios.The advanced performance of the equipment determines its wide application. At present, for some special working environment that is not suitable for human stay, the equipment is equipped with advanced remote control system.

Combining with the market development trend, our company also understands the advancement of remote control system for portable crusher plant. Intelligent sensors, automatic controllers and micro-computer analysis system are installed on the equipment body, so that the production situation and material processing progress of each equipment in the crushing station can be analyzed and understood by the signals from the sensors. After the analysis system is successful, the automatic controller will automatically operate the corresponding equipment according to the commands issued by the system, and then control the crushing station's objects. Material crushing production situation. This new type of crushing equipment is more scientific, automated, environmentally friendly and intelligent, which reduces the labor cost of equipment running well, and ensures the safety of operators. It is becoming more and more popular in the development of mineral processing, coal mining and other industries.