Summary:In the era of rapid economic and social development, the process of industrial complexity makes the process and equipment must be closely integrated

In the era of rapid economic and social development, the process of industrial complexity makes the process and equipment must be closely integrated in order to achieve the technical level of heavy machinery and equipment to a higher level of upgrading in order to achieve the equipment manufacturing industry and the user a true sense of the combination

Now China's rapid economic development, the requirements of various machines are getting higher and higher. Crusher has become an important support for the industry's infrastructure, and has become an indispensable part of modern construction, providing the impetus for economic development. Crusher in today's society with a wide range, divided into medical crusher and mining crusher. Modern crusher is mainly used in mining, building materials, roads, chemicals, coal and other departments. In recent years, with the development of mining machinery, crusher equipment in cement, mining and other industry actors play an important role. Therefore, how to choose high-performance, high-quality crusher for the user is a key cost-saving and revenue-enhancing approach.

From the process requirements: broken ratio is higher than 40, in the case of crushing products under the same particle size, allowing the machine to increase the particle size of the material, is conducive to reducing the secondary blasting and meet the single section of broken layout, and two broken , Not only the process is simple, but also significantly reduce the unit broken energy consumption of about 30%; control products, high granularity, adjust the size of the device convenient and reasonable. Not only control the product in the large diameter of less than 5%, and too fine particle size of the product is less, that is, the material is broken to small. Can be adjusted by hydraulic device. Is conducive to the overall energy-saving process; can have automatic iron function, or installed flywheel overload protection (cut insurance pin) or safety clutch to ensure that equipment is not subject to the threat of metal foreign body operation; to a wider range of water content to meet the higher materials , And even the use of exhaust gas through the equipment as a drying heat source; have better system requirements, especially with the feeding equipment capacity, location and screening configuration, not only for the wider use of mining resources to create conditions, and can be large Increase the consumption, reduce consumption; crushing machine can become a portale crusher plant for the mining and crushing without passing or less through the middle of the car transport, so that mining into a continuous production, greatly reducing energy consumption.

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