Summary:The portable crusher plant has been used for a period of time in the mining machinery industry, and SBM Machinery is the first in China to apply mobile statio

The portable crusher plant has been used for a period of time in the mining machinery industry, and SBM is the first in China to apply mobile stations to the construction waste treatment field. Most people's understanding of portable crusher plants is limited to two points of flexibility and application. However, there are still many excellent performances of portable crusher plants. Let's talk to you about the development of SBM today. The advantages of mobile stations in field operations such as construction waste.

First, the machine's on-site operation is directly effective. The portable crusher plant can not only be used independently, but also can provide more flexible machine process configuration for different requirements of customers to meet the various requirements of users for mobile crushing and moving screening, making logistics transfer more direct and effective, and maximizing Reduce costs.

Second, the combination of the machine is flexible. The mobile station adopts the integrated equipment installation form of feeding, conveying and crushing, which not only eliminates the complicated operation of component installation, but also reduces the consumption of materials and working hours. The reasonable and compact space layout of the machine does not occupy the space, and also improves the flexibility of the site.

Third, easy maintenance and reliable performance. The convenience of maintenance has always been the focus of SBM's good after-sales reputation. The mobile crushing plant has been optimized and enhanced to further accept the advantages of higher strength, better performance and more compact structure.

Fourth, the material transportation cost is low. Reducing the cost of material transportation, the main performance is that the first series of portable crusher plants can process materials on site. The biggest advantage of this is that the transportation cost of materials is greatly reduced.

Fifth, adaptability. SBM series portable crusher plant can be composed of “first crushed and then sieved” according to different crushing process requirements, or “first screen after crushing” process. And the mobile station can be combined into two sections or a three-stage crushing and screening system according to actual needs. In addition, the equipment can be operated independently, with high flexibility in operation and transportation.

Sixth, strong mobility. The one-sail series portable crusher plant has a short length and can be used for different crushing equipment, using a separate movable chassis, so that the wheelbase becomes shorter and the turning radius becomes smaller, so that the machine can be flexibly driven in the working area or on the road.