Summary:Jaw crusher and impact crusher are two commonly used equipment in market. But there are still many people are not particularly familiar with these two devices, especially those who are new to aggregates industry.

Jaw crusher and impact crusher are two commonly used equipment in market. But there are still many people are not particularly familiar with these two devices, especially those who are new to aggregates industry. Many users are also very confused about the difference between these two devices and they have leaved the messages to ask the question. Today we're gonna talk about the difference between these two equipment in actual application.


What are the differences between impact crusher and jaw crusher?

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1.Different applications

1)Analyze from the material hardness

Jaw crusher can crush all kinds of soft and hard stones whose compressive strength is between 300-350Mpa, while impact crusher may be more suitable for materials with low hardness, low toughness and brittleness, such as limestone. If user uses impact crusher to crush hard stone, which may cause great damage to wearing parts, shortening its service life.

2)Analyze from the material particle

Jaw crushers are generally used for crushing large stone (can allow ore less than 1m to pass through (specifically depending on the equipment model and manufacturer). Jaw crushers are more widely used in mines and quarries. On the contrary, it is true that the impact crusher is mostly used to process some small and medium-sized stones, and its allowable feed size range is smaller than jaw crusher.

2.Different order in operation

As we all know, as a commonly used primary crushing equipment, jaw crusher is often used for coarse crushing (fine jaw crusher can be used for second or fine crushing), while impact crusher is a commonly used secondary or tertiary crushing equipment, often used for medium or fine crushing.

3.Different capacity

Generally, the capacity of jaw crusher is usually larger than impact crusher. The capacity of jaw crusher can reach 600-800 tons an hour, and impact crusher is about 260-450 tons (specifically depending on the equipment model and manufacturer).

4.Different output size

As a coarse crushing equipment, jaw crushers has big output size (usually below 300-350mm). As the impact crusher is medium / fine crushing equipment, the discharge fineness is smaller. It should be noted that due to the different material properties, there will be errors in the fineness of the equipment discharge.

5.Different particle

Material particle size after jaw crusher extrusion treatment is not ideal, there are many pin stone. Impact crusher is a product with good output particle size and less finished product edges and corners in the crushing equipment, and its particle size is also better than cone crusher.

So in actual production, there need to equip impact crusher to further shape the material after jaw crusher. This is also an ideal collocation: jaw crusher + impact crusher.

6.Different prices

Generally speaking, for many manufacturers, the sales volume and transaction volume of jaw crusher are higher. The main reason is the price. In addition, jaw crusher as a traditional crushing equipment, it has more stable performance, and can meet the user's application requirements in terms of quality and power consumption, etc., so it's the cost-effective equipment that is more likely to attract users' attention.

The jaw crusher mentioned in essay is coarse jaw crusher. Because for fine jaw crusher, it can be used as medium crushing equipment like impact crusher and cone crusher, it is another collocation: coarse jaw crusher + fine jaw crusher.

To sum up, uses should choose equipment according to their actual requirement so that it can bring good effect and capacity.

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