Summary:Mobile crusher can be seen as a mobile production line that integrates feeding system, crushing system, screening system, sorting system and transportation system.

Mobile crusher can be seen as a mobile production line that integrates feeding system, crushing system, screening system, sorting system and transportation system.

A complete set of mobile crushing plant must be smooth in the whole production, matched in output, and meet the production needs with the lowest consumption and the greatest extent.

So what are the major systems of the mobile crusher?


1. Feeding system

The function of the feeding system of mobile crusher is to feed stone materials to each crusher and screening device, to slow down the impact of feeding process on the crusher, achieving uniform feeding and improve the working conditions of the crusher.

According to different crushing and screening process, the feeding method of mobile crusher is also different.

2. Crushing system

Crushing system is the core of the entire mobile crushing production, which can crush the ore materials into finished materials with small particle to ensure that the crushed materials are granular. At the same time, the particle distribution must be uniform, so there are high requirements to the ability and efficiency of crusher.

A mobile crusher can consist of multiple crushers. There are many types of crushing machinery with different performances.

3. Screening system

The screening system is set up to meet the requirements of aggregates particle size sorting. In order to ensure the quality of recycled aggregates after crushing, for the concrete blocks with larger particle sizes (that cannot meet the requirements after primary crushing) are screened and transported back to the crusher for re-crushing. Therefore, the screening system can sort the crushed construction waste according to the particle.

The tire-type mobile crusher has a high chassis and a small turning radius, which is convenient for driving on ordinary roads, can quickly enter the construction site, save time, and have high equipment flexibility. The vehicle-mounted generator set can provide continuous power for the equipment.

The crawler-type mobile crusher has a low center of gravity, stable movement, low grounding ratio, good possibility, and good adaptability to mountains and wetlands. Generally, the crawler-type mobile crusher usually adopts a full hydraulic drive system.

In addition, the power device of the crawler-type mobile crusher has a large driving force. During the operation, the placement position of the equipment can be adjusted by itself, and no additional traction equipment is required.

Advantages and applications of mobile crusher


1.Integrated complete unit

The integrated unit equipment installation form can eliminate the complicated installation operations of split components and reduces the consumption of materials and man-hours. The reasonable and compact space layout of the unit can improve the flexibility of site stationing.

2.Mobile crusher is more flexible

The mobile crushing equipment has a high vehicle chassis, and the width of the vehicle body is smaller than that of the operating semi-trailer. The turning radius is small, which is convenient for ordinary road driving and more convenient for driving in the rugged and harsh road environment of the crushing site. It saves time for entering the construction site, and is more conducive to entering a reasonable construction area, and providing a more flexible space and reasonable layout configuration for the overall crushing process.

3. Reduce material transportation costs

With the mobile crushing equipment, the materials can be crushed in time, eliminating the intermediate links of materials being transported away from the site and crushing, which greatly reduces the transportation cost of materials. In addition, the extended unit can directly send the crushed materials into the transfer cart and turn away from the scene.

4. Direct and effective operation

The integrated series of mobile crushing equipment can be used independently, and can also provide more flexible process configuration according to the customer's requirements for material types and products in the process, to meet the user's needs of mobile crushing, mobile screening and other requirements, so that the organization and transfer is more direct and effective, and the cost is greatly reduced.

5. Strong adaptability and flexible configuration

For the coarse crushing and fine crushing screening needs, the mobile crusher can operate as a single unit independently, or it can flexibly form a system configuration unit for joint operation. The side discharge of the unloading hopper provides the flexibility of various configurations for the screening material conveying method. The diesel generator in the integrated unit configuration can not only supply power to the unit, but also can be targeted to the process system configuration unit combined power supply.