Summary:As sand and gravel aggregate is a very large and indispensable material for construction, roads, bridges, high-speed rail, water conservancy and hydropower and other infrastructure projects

How much does it cost to buy a granite sand crusher?

As the market’s demand for machine-made sand and gravel aggregates has continued to grow, in order to meet market supply and demand, the state has begun to strongly support the establishment of sand-making plants. Someone asked whether investment in production of sand and gravel aggregates in 2021 is reliable. How much does a granite sand crusher cost?

As sand and gravel aggregate is a very large and indispensable material for construction, roads, bridges, high-speed rail, water conservancy and hydropower and other infrastructure projects, it consumes tens of billions of tons every year. It is the second nature that consumes more after water. Resources, and China’s annual output of sand and stone aggregates accounts for 50% of the world’s total. The annual output value and the transportation cost of sand and stone aggregates can reach hundreds of millions. The production demand is huge and the profits are high. Therefore, it is very reliable to invest in the production mechanism of sand and stone aggregates in 2021, and everyone can rest assured to put into production.

It is understood that the market price of a granite sand crusher ranges from hundreds of thousands to one million yuan. Depending on the type and model of the equipment, the output at that time is generally between 60-640 tons. Since different users have different requirements for granite sand crushers' output and discharging requirements, we can only tell you a price range here.

In addition, the technical level, equipment quality and pricing basis of the equipment manufacturer also have a certain impact on the price of the equipment, so when choosing a granite sand crusher, you must fully consider many factors before purchasing the equipment.

What are the types of granite sand crushers?

Investment in production mechanism sand and stone aggregate plants requires reasonable selection of equipment to ensure stable production. Investors should configure sand and stone equipment according to your actual needs. The processing procedures can be adjusted appropriately, and the selection of equipment should also be based on actual.

Granite sand making machine

This VSI6X sand making machine is an efficient granite sand making equipment, it's has many advantages. On the one hand, it can buffer the impact of materials on the parts of the sand crusher, ensure that the casing is not damaged, and can extend the service life of the equipment; on the other hand, it has a reasonable structure, deep cavity crushing and large feed inlets. It can avoid instability in performance due to excessive load in the sand production process, which is beneficial to improve the output and efficiency of sand production.

Granite portable crusher

The portable crusher plant is highly mobile and highly intelligent, which is an advantage that other similar equipment does not have. It can enter and exit the sand making factory at will without restriction, and it has a wider range of applications in the sand making production. And it integrates the functions of crushing, sand making, screening and so on. One machine is a movable sand making production line, which is very convenient to use, stable and reliable.

In addition to the above equipment, in order to make granite into sand and gravel aggregates, crushers (jaw crushers, heavy hammer crushers, cone crushers, etc.), auxiliary equipment (feeders, screens, conveyors, etc.) are also needed.