Summary:mobile crusher is a new high-efficiency crushing machine which integrates different various crushing device.

Among all crushing and sand making equipment, no matter the aggregates market is at the peak or the trough, there is always one crushing equipment that is not affected, it is the mobile crushing station.

sbm mobile crushers in the workshop
Mobile crushing plant at production site
mobile cone crusher

Why is the mobile crusher selling so high, why is it selling so hot? We know there are many reasons. Firstly, in recent years, China has paid more attention to environmental protection; the mining of natural sand is prohibited in most areas in China like Hunan, Shandong province. But in the other hand, the demand for sand and other aggregates in many industries like buildings and roads still remains high. Thus causes the aggregates price to rise obviously, even appears the situation that demand exceeds supply. In order to solve this question, the Chinese government encouraged to use manufactured aggregates like manufactured sand. There is no doubt that crushing and sand making machines are so hot in China.

As we all know, mechanical aggregates has the advantages of wide raw material sources, convenient treatment, simple production and management. In addition, using specific mobile crushing machine can also meet the requirements of environmental protection.

Secondly, the mobile crusher is consisting of four major parts: crushing part, screening part, transportation part and feeding part. Users can design each part freely according to the actual needs. The emphasis of mobile crusher is on the word "mobile". Adopting the vehicle-mounted mobile mode to make the equipment go deep into the site without complex on-site installation, which can not only take up less space but save costs as well.

Meanwhile, equipping with impact crusher can produce high quality finished product with uniform strength. The intelligent control system can operate the mobile crusher remotely and in real time. This kind of new operation technology can save time and effort effectively and provide users with convenience.

In the process of sand making, the mobile crusher can operate separately. It can also work with other devices to set up a flexible stone plant—can "crush" anytime and anywhere. According the screening device equipped, the finished products can be screened into different specifications to meet the production requirements of different enterprises. That we can see it’s no problem for mobile crushing equipment to crush stone materials. Users can produce various size materials that they want. Due to its sealing design, with equipping dust removal device and other devices, mobile crusher can ensure green production.

There are two major mobile crusher in common—the wheeled mobile crusher and the tracked mobile crusher. They have two types of power generation, diesel and electric, which are not restricted by operation on the construction site. The wheeled mobile crusher is moved by the vehicle model, so that it can meet the mobility requirement in the work site or on the road. While the tracked mobile crusher adopt rigid ship structure with high strength, low grounding ratio, good possibility, and has good adaptability to mountain and wetland, even realize climbing operation.

From the view of the product itself, mobile crusher is a new high-efficiency crushing machine which integrates different various crushing device. The development of mobile crushing station will continue to rise, from the demand, technology, including price in the future, so to speak.