Summary:Ball mill, an indispensable grinding equipment in the beneficiation plant, is also one of the key equipment in the construction of the whole beneficiation plant

Ball mill, an indispensable grinding equipment in the beneficiation plant, is also one of the key equipment in the construction of the whole beneficiation plant. It accounts for a large proportion in the infrastructure investment and production costs of the whole concentrator, and also directly affects the overall processing capacity, economic and technical indicators of the concentrator.

India has rich mineral resources and to process these mineral ores, ball mill is necessary equipment. As professional Chinese ball mil manufacturers in India, we provide different types of ball mills for customers in India to choose. And in order to have better understanding about ball mill, we will introduce some details of ball mill in the following part.

ball mill

Classifications of ball mill

According to the different ore discharging methods, the ball mill can be divided into grate type ball mill and overflow type ball mill.

According to the operation characteristics, the ball mill can be divided into dry ball mill and wet ball mill

1. Wet ball mill: add water while feeding, discharge the material into slurry of certain concentration and discharge it, and form a closed circuit operation with hydraulic classification equipment in a closed circuit system.

2. Dry ball mill: some discharge materials are extracted by air flow, and the mill and the air classification device form a closed circuit.

Generally, ball mill manufacturers in India provide the mentioned types of ball mills for customers to choose.

Key parameters of our ball mill

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For grinding ores, the most common machines are wet overflow ball mill and wet grate ball mill. And here are the key parameters of our ball mill:

For Overflow Ball Mill:

Max. Capacity: 400t/h

Min. Output Size: 0.074mm

Min. Power: 160Kw

For Grate Ball Mill:

Max. Capacity: 450t/h

Min. Output Size: 0.074mm

Min. Power: 160Kw

Working principle

During operation, the drum of the ball mill will move regularly around the horizontal axis and generate high centrifugal force. After entering the ball mill and reaching the specified height through the conveyor belt, the mineral ore will fall freely in a parabolic arc path. During the falling process, the mineral ore will collide violently with the grinding body inside the drum wall due to the effect of the medium. At the same time, the grinding operation will be completed under the relevant effects of the grinding body, including pressure, rolling grinding, etc.

Features and advantages of ball mill

  • As professional ball mill manufacturers in India, our ball mill has the following features and advantages:
  • (1) The main bearing adopts a large diameter double row self-aligning roller bearing to replace the original sliding bearing, reducing friction and energy consumption, and the ball mill is easy to start.
  • (2) The end cover structure of the ordinary mill is retained, with large diameter inlet and outlet and large processing capacity.
  • (3) Feeders are divided into combined feeder and drum feeder, with simple structure and separate installation.
  • (4)There is no inertial impact, the equipment runs stably, and shutdown maintenance time of ball mill is reduced, and the efficiency is improved.
  • (5) Large ball mills adopt pitot pressure or hydrostatic bearings.
  • (6) Air clutch system for starting the motor safely.
  • (7) Alternative synchronous or asynchronous motor.
  • (8) Low speed driving unit with lifting device, convenient for maintenance.
  • (9) New endurable wearing parts to increase service life of vulnerable parts.
  • (10) Alternative PLC automatic control system & optional Accessories ( drum sieve, hydraulic wrench mobile feeding settings).

How to add grinding (steel) balls?

The steel balls of ball mill are the medium for grinding materials. The grinding and stripping effect is generated by the collision friction between the steel balls of the ball mill and the materials. Reasonable selection of the grading of grinding balls is an essential measure to improve the output and quality of ball mill.

Basic principle of steel ball grading of ball mill

① To process ores with large hardness and coarse grain size, it needs to have a larger impact force, and it needs to load steel balls with larger size, that is, the harder the material is, the larger the steel ball diameter is;

② If the diameter of the ball mill is large, the impact force is large, and the diameter of the steel ball is small;

③ If double compartment partition is used, the diameter of steel balls shall be smaller than that of single compartment partition with the same discharge section;

④ Generally, there are four graded steel balls, few steel balls with big and small sizes, and many steel balls with medium sizes.

Factors to be considered when proportioning steel balls of ball mill

① Model of ball mill, such as barrel diameter and length;

② Production requirements, that is, the user's requirements of grinding fineness;

③ Material property refers to the initial particle size, hardness and toughness of the material to be grinded;

④ Specification size should be paid attention to, and we should not blindly pursue large specifications.

Tips to add steel balls

The steel ball ratio of the ball mill shall be comprehensively judged according to the effective length of the mill, whether there is a roller press, the feeding size of the raw ore, the lining plate and structure, the expected screen fineness and specific surface, the amount of chromium balls, the speed and other factors.

After the ball mill is installed, the big and small gears of the ball mill need to be engaged, and the handling capacity should be gradually increased. After the ball mill runs normally for two or three days, check the engagement of the big and small gears. After everything is normal, open the manhole cover of the ball mill to add the remaining 20% steel balls for the second time.

How to choose ball mill?

As professional Chinese ball mil manufacturers in India, we summarize some tips about how to choose a suitable ball mill:

1. Ensure the production capacity of ball mill

The selected ball mill should achieve the specified output capacity under the condition of ensuring the required grinding fineness.

2. Grinding test must be conducted

If there is no actual data as the basis in the design, grinding test must be required. Especially for large beneficiation plant, the selection calculation and scaling up of ball mill should be carried out from the basic data obtained.

3. Consider large-scale ball mill

Due to the large-scale equipment, the total weight is light, occupies less land, has fewer production systems, fewer operators and auxiliary systems, and the corresponding investment and production costs are low. However, the operation and management level of large equipment is high. If the operation rate of ball mill is slightly reduced, the output of the beneficiation plant will be greatly reduced.

4. According to the hardness, grade and other properties of minerals, and select energy-saving ball mill.

5. The diameter and length of the ball mill shall be properly selected according to the production requirements.

6. Choose professional manufacture to ensure the quality.

Ball mill price

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Recently, many customers in India consult us for ball mill price. To be honest, different types and models of ball mills have different prices. And if you are interested in our ball mill, please contact us for more information. We have professional engineers 7/24 hours for you to recommend suitable ball mill for you according to the specific production requirements.