Summary:Raymond mill is one of the widely used equipment in grinding industry. According to industry statistics, the market share of Raymond mill in China is as high as more than 70%.

Raymond Mill is an industrial milling equipment that can grind ores into 80-425 mesh. From the birth of the first Raymond mill at the beginning of the 20th century, after more than 100 years of development, Raymond mill has developed to the fifth generation product-European Trapezium Grinding Mill.

How To Improve Powder Output Of Raymond Mill?

Raymond mill is one of the widely used equipment in grinding industry. According to industry statistics, the market share of Raymond mill in China is as high as more than 70%. However, there will be a decrease in the powder output in the process of production; this will affectthe production efficiency directly.

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Generally speaking, in order to make the Raymond mill in the production process of large amount of powder and high output, there are the following requirements:

1.Scientific and rational collocation

When Raymond mill is working properly, user has to consider both the selection of equipment model and material selection. On the one hand, we should consider whether the machine can meet daily production requirements to avoid overload, on the other hand, we should choose moderate hardness as soon as possible (more suitable for Raymond mill materials) because it can prevent materials with too much hardness from blocking in the outlet, which makes it difficult to produce powder.

2. Apropriate selection of hoist speed

The bearing capacity of main motor is a factor to improve the efficiency of grinding mill. The grinding capacity of the machine can be improved by increasing the kinetic energy of the mill and adjusting the belt or replacing it.

3. Kee regular maintenance

The Raymond mill should be overhauled after a period of use (including the replacement of vulnerable parts). Before the use of the grinding roller device, the connecting bolt and nut should be carefully checkedwhether there is any loose or the lubricating grease is not added enough. In addition, when the roller grinding device is used for more than 500 hours and the roller should be replaced, some parts like rolling bearings (in the roller sleeve) must be cleaned. Other vulnerableparts should be replaced in time.

What's the Different Between Raymond Mill and Ball Mill?

There are many differences between Raymond mill and ball mill in their grinding operations. Users should be differentiated when choosing, and understand the difference between them, and choose what kind of grinding mill we need. The difference between Raymond mill and ball mill includes the following aspects:

1.Different size

Raymond mill belongs to vertical structure and is a superfine grinding equipment. The grinding fineness of Raymond mill is below 425 meshes. Ball mill belongs to horizontal structure, whose area is larger than that of the Raymond mill. The ball mill can grind the materials with dry or wet method, and the fineness of its finished product can reach 425 meshes. It is a common equipment for grinding materials in mine industry.

2. Different applicable materials

Raymond mill adopts grinding roller and grinding ring for grinding, which is suitable for processing non-metallic minerals with Mohs hardness below level 7, such as gypsum, limestone, calcite, talc, kaolin, coal, etc. While ball mill is usually for grinding high hardness materials like metal ore and cement clinker.

3. Different capacity

Generally, ball mill has a larger output than Raymond mill. But the corresponding power consumption is also higher. During the process of production, ball mill has many disadvantages like big noise and high dust content. Therefore, it's not suitable for environmentally friendly processing.

4. Different investment costs

In terms of price, ball mill are cheaper than Raymond mill. But in terms of overall cost, the ball mill is higher than the Raymond mill.

5. Different environmental performance

Raymond mill adopts a negative pressure system for dust control, which can control the discharge of dust, making the production process clean and environmentally friendly. While the area of ball mill is larger, so the whole control is difficult, and the dust pollution is larger than that of Raymond mill.

6. Different quality of finished products

Raymond Mill Common Faults And Related Solutions

In the grinding process of Raymond mill, the machine will have faults for it will grind hard materials or the machine itself has problems. For these common faults, this article will give the related solutions and we do hope these will be useful.

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1. Why Does The Raymond Mill Has Serious Vibration?

It has the following reasons which will cause the machine vibration: it is not parallel with the horizontal plane when the machine is installed; foundation bolts are not tightened; material layer is too thin; oversize feeding material.

For these reasons, the experts provide the related solutions: reinstall the machine to ensure it will be parallel with horizontal plane; tighten the foundation bolts; increasing feeding materials; crushed the large feeding materials and then send them into Raymond mill.

2. What Is The Reason Of Low Discharging Powder Amount Of Raymond Mill?

Reason: the cyclone collector's locking powder system is not close and it will cause powder breath.

The solutions: fix the cyclone collector and make the locking powder can work; change the blade; clean the air flue; block the pipeline leakage place.

3. How To Deal With The Final End Products Are Too Coarse Or Too Thin?

The reasons include: classifier vane is worn seriously and it cannot play classifying function and it will make the final products too coarse; the grinding production system exhaust fan do not has the suitable air volume. To solve these: change the classifier vane or change the classifier; reduce the air volume or increase the air volume.

operators should adjust the gap properly according to requirement, making sure the two axles are concentric.

4. How To Reduce The Noise Of The Host?

It is because: feeding material amount is small, blade is worn seriously, foundation bolts are loose; materials are too hard; grinding roller, grinding ring is out of shape.

The related solutions: increasing the feeding material amount, increasing the material thickness, change the blade, tighten the foundation bolts; remove the hard materials and change the grinding roller and grinding ring.

How To Solve 8 Frequent Problems Of Raymond Mill?

Because of its stable performance, convenient operation, low energy consumption and large adjustable range of product particle size, Raymond mill is widely used in many industries. In the production process of Raymond mill, various failures may occur, resulting in a decline in equipment performance and affecting production efficiency. Here are the reasons and solutions about 8 frequent problems of Raymond mill.

1. No Powder Or Less Powder Yield

2. The Final Powder Is Too Coarse Or Too Fine

3. The Main Engine Stops Frequently, The Engine Temperature Rises, And The Blower Current Drops

4. The Main Engine Has Loud Noise And Vibrates

5. The Blower Vibrates

6. The Transmission Device And Analyzer Heat Up

7. Powders Enter The Grinding Roller Device

8. The Manual Fuel Pump Is Not Flowing Smoothly

Raymond Mill—A Important Investment Should We Not Be Missed In 2021

At the beginning of 2021, have you noticed an business opportunity—Raymond mill project? Are you still worrying about not knowing how to buy Raymond mill? Today's article is here to send you benefits, come on and look down.

SBM‘s Equipment Exhibition Hall

1. Choose a Raymond mill manufacturer with large-scale shipments

Raymond mill manufacturers with large-scale delivery systems are more conducive to customers' rapid production. This type of manufacturer knows that time is a significant cost for customers. Therefore, they will build a complete system to ensure the speed of preparation and delivery and the efficiency of transportation. Taking SBM as an example, we will use four parts to ensure every detail of delivery: check stock orders, equipment factory quality inspection, packing list re-inspection, scientific packaging and transportation.

2. Choose a Raymond mill manufacturer that can self-produce and sold

The Raymond mill manufacturers that can produce and sell on their own are generally large-scale, with low unit production costs, and are sold directly by the manufacturers, the price of Raymond mills are at a more favorable level.

3. Choose a Raymond mill manufacturer with integrated supply

A Raymond mill manufacturer that can provide integrated supply can provide faster and better project services. They can provide services from pre-sale consultation to in-sale project design then to service support after completion.

What Are The Factors Influencing The Raymond Mill Price?

Raymond mill is one of the necessary equipment for non-metallic ore grinding in powder industry. The price of Raymond mill has always been one of the concerns of customers, so what are the main factors affecting the price of Raymond mill?

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1. Technical Advantages of Raymond Mill

The performance of the pulverizer technology is mainly in the data statistics of passing rate. In this point, the passing rate of Raymond mill is higher than that of other pulverizing equipment, and the passing rate is as high as 99%. The pulverizing speed is higher and the efficiency is better. Therefore, the price of Raymond mill in the market is higher than that of general pulverizing equipment.

2. Structure Design of Raymond Mill

Compared with the traditional mill equipment, the vertical structure of Raymond mill can save a lot of land resources and three-dimensional space, which gives the relevant staff more free space and more added value, so the price is higher.

3. Material Configuration of Raymond Mill

Material configuration is the main factor affecting the external of Raymond mill. The price of Raymond mill with high quality standard cast steel material is higher than that of Raymond mill with general material. This high configuration Raymond mill is a guarantee for production.

4. Raymond Mill Manufacturers

There are many different types of Raymond machine manufacturers in the market, which are distributed in different regions. The production strength, R & D technology, manufacturing process, etc. of the manufacturers are different. The production capacity, quality and performance of the equipment is also different. The equipment quotation given is also different.

Factors Affecting Raymond Grinding Mill Output

From the whole aspects, there are two main factors which will affect the Raymond mill output: machine quality and material characteristics.

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The machine quality. It will have effects on the grinding mill quality, such as the Raymond mill technology level, structure and the working environment. The high quality machine, advanced technology, stable structure will have good functions to improve Raymond grinding mil output. Besides, the working environment also has relationships with the final output. In the moisture air condition, the machine is easy to be oxidation and make the parts aging. It will have bad influence on the output.

Material characteristics. The factors which will have influence on the Raymond grinding mill output include the material characteristics, feeding material size and discharging material size. The material characteristic mainly refers to the Moh hardness. The hard material is hard to grind. In the certain time, it will produce less output. When the feeding materials are large, it will also make the grinding process take more time and then the output will be reduced. The discharging size also has effect on the output. When you need fine end products, it will need more grinding time.

Seven Guidelines For Maintenance Of Grinding Mills

However, there are few people knowing how to maintain grinding equipment. It’s important to know how to operate grinding mill, so there are some precautions that we should pay attention to the daily maintenance work of the ultrafine grinding mill.

1. Check the parts carefully before the grinding mill operating. In addition, users should check whether the grinding mill is short of oil. If so, the machine need to be lubricated in time or it will be damaged.

2. Check whether the mill is stable when operating. Observe the overall working condition of the components of mill by checking. Judge whether it has any abnormal sound. If so, you should turn off the machine immediately and solve it in time to avoid affecting the working efficiency of the machine.

3. Turning off the mill after the finished product processing is completed (nearly waiting for five minutes). It is necessary for users to wait for the material to be completely removed before stopping the machine.

4. When turning off the mill, it is necessary for users to comply with the shutdown sequence, ensuring the normal start of the mill next time.

5. After the mill is turned off, check whether the components of the mill are in good condition carefully. If any parts are worn, they should be replaced immediately.

6. Keep the equipment clean and check it regularly.

7. Does the maintenance work of the mill and add lubricant in time.

Factors Affect The Main Body Damage Of Raymond Mill

Recent years, with the rapid development of metallurgy, construction, chemical and some other industries, Raymond mill also gets wider applications in these fields. Raymond mill is mainly for grinding the raw materials into required sized powder. But in the operation process of Raymond mill, there are several factors that will affect its main body damage. Here, we mainly talk about these factors.

Effect Of Grinding Material Hardness

Effect Of Shape& Size Of Grinding Material

Effect Of Material Mechanical Properties

Improved Version Of Raymond Mill

When we choose Raymond Mill/Raymond Roller Mill, the first thing we considered is capacity and quality. Higher quality it is, longer production life it has.

Improved Version Of Raymond Mill

But practices proved that the fineness of finished products produced by Raymond Mills was dissatisfactory. Usually, the fineness was about 400 meshes, with very little material’s fineness up to 1000 meshes, which did not meet the requirements of refined development. During operation, Raymond Mills were always perplexed by high failure rate, large power consumption, unaffordable noises, large emission, low efficiency, unsatisfactory collection system, and inability to collect a large amount of fine powder. So, in the basis of Raymond mill, some companies launched new types of Raymond mill machine.

Today, we’ll talk about SBM’s 3 improved versions of Raymond mills. They are MB5X Pendulum Roller Mill, MTW European Trapezium Grinding Mill, MTM Medium-speed Grinding Mill. Compared with the first generation of Raymond Mills, these three types of grinding mills are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, have more sophisticated automatic control systems, and can help users to move toward refined and large-scale development.

4 Steps To Help You Understanding The Raymond Mill

As common grinding equipment, Raymond mill has been favored by many users around the world with stable performance, low energy consumption and high efficiency. But for Raymond mill, what do we really know about it?

Next, I will introduce Raymond mill comprehensively from four aspects and hope that helps you understand it quickly.

1. The Principles Of Raymond Mill

The operating principles of Raymond mill is: Materials enter into the hopper to be crushed by rollers. The rollers are going around the vertical axis and rotating itself at the same time. Due to the centrifugal force during rotation, the grinding roller swings outward to press the grinding ring to achieve the purpose of crushing materials.

In these years, there are many manufacturers who produced Raymond mill in China. There are also more and more models of Raymond mill like Hanging Roller Mill and Vertical Raymond Mill.

Raymond mill has characteristics with outstanding advantages, high applicability and high market share.

2. Application Range Of Raymond Mill

Raymond mill has been widely used in high-fine pulverization processing of non-flammable and non-explosive materials, such as quartz, talc, marble, limestone, dolomite, copper and iron, whose Mohs hardness is below grade 9.3 and humidity is below 6%. The output size of Raymond mill ranges from 60-325 mesh (0.125 mm -0.044 mm).

3. The Functions And Features Of Raymond Mill

Different grinding mills have their own advantages and performance.

4. Problems With The Raymond Mill

In recent years, nonmetallic minerals have been widely used in ultrafine powder industry. For this, the downstream firms pay more and more attention to the quality on non-metallic mineral products, especially on product fineness. As we all know, some problems of traditional Raymond mill have been troubling mineral processing enterprises and equipment manufacturers.