How to Improve Jaw Crushers’ Production Efficiency in Colombia

with the expansion of urbanization,more and more projects in Colombia are under construction, such as urban redevelopment, freeway construction and so on. The completion of these projects requires a large quantity of aggregates and corresponding equipments - crushers.

Currently, what matters most for every project manager is to improve the production efficiency of crusher. Crusher in Colombia is of paramount importance to the aggregate production line, especially for the under constructions. This production line consists of vibrating jaw crusher,jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor and other equipments with various types and models, which can cycle for lots of times in closed- circuit system. Chunks of stones are feeded to the jaw crusher for primary crushing by feeder machine with the help of hopper.

It is essential to operate the crusher correctly and maintain it reasonably and timely if one wants to ensure the advantages of the crusher like high productivity, qualified products, low power consumption and long-term stability. How to improve the jaw crusher efficiency, crusher manufacturers in Colombia give the following recommendations:

I. Regular maintenance. Owing to the huge force of jaw crusher at work, those screws fixed on the internal spare parts of the crusher or that of screws used to fasten the equipments may get loosen, which demands regular reinforcement of these screws.

II. Make sure proper internal temperature. Lots of heat is generated because of the force of frictions. The crusher will be damaged if these heats are accumulated and fail to be dissipated. For instance, center shaft can be deformed due to the high temperature, what is worse; the crushing process will make the shaft damaged. Therefore, the temperature of the jaw crusher must be assured. Once it gets higher, the crushing process must be stopped for a while until the temperature decreased.

III. Replace lubricant timely. The internal lubricating effect is not as good as before after a period of operation. Besides those debris deposited in the lubricant will increase the wear of the machine. Therefore,the replacement of lubricant timely will be essential. And it is also necessary to clean away all the debris left in the internal crusher with kerosene.

IV. Pick out the iron from raw materials, because the iron may cause the damage of the jaw plate.

V. Feed raw material evenly, the crusher will bear too much burden if raw material is added excessively.

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