Six treatment of common faults for belt conveyor

How to solve common faults of belt conveyor in the operation? How to maintain the belt conveyor?

Belt conveyor is very widely used in mining production. But in the daily running production, it will also be affected by environmental and materials handling, leading to a series of equipment failures. Common faults of belt conveyor include belt deviation, sprinkle materials, etc. Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co.,Ltd. sorts out a programme of common faults for belt conveyor combined with customer feedback in the recent days to excerpt the treatment  for the customers who are facing the most common problems of belt conveyor running.

First, Start with the most common problems, about the treatment of belt deviation generally includes six areas. 1.Adjusting the carrying idlers, belt deflect which side, which side idlers on the belt toward the forward direction forward. 2.Installing of self-aligning idler when the shorter belt conveyor is bi-directional running. 3. Adjusting the position of driven roller and bend roller to ensure that all the rollers must be perpendicular to the centerline of the mounting position for the belt conveyor in the longitudinal direction. 4.Hammer tension bend roller at the upper part of the two should be perpendicular to the length vertical direction and gravity. 5.To avoid the deviation caused by falling materials add the blocking plate at the reprinted point. 6. To solve the two-way operation of belt deviation should be carefully observed the relationship between the direction of movement and tread, then make adjustment.

Secondly, sprinkling materials of belt conveyor is also a kind of common phenomenon and should be treated according to different situations. For reprinted point, you can control the delivery of the ability to solve sprinkling materials; for concave section vacant belt, you can use a larger radius of curvature; for belt deviation, adjusting the belt is a very good way. Of course, for these common problems, adjusting the size of the installation is not enough, routine maintenance is also very important. How to maintain the belt conveyor? Enterprises should train specialized personnel for routine maintenance and cleaning work to avoid excessive disposable feeding, inspect and timely tighten loose bolts tight, regularly do lubrication, etc. These all help to avoid common faults.


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