The Classification and Functions for Sludge Cleaner of Belt Conveyor

The cleaner of belt conveyor can be divided into spring cleaner, alloy rubber cleaner, carbide scraper cleaner, air cleaner these four types, and is also the essential equipment for material cleaning.

As conveying equipments with a wide range of applications in different industries, belt conveyor saves a lot of labor intensity and time for transporting bulk material and piece items due to its continuity and automated production system. The material is transported from the feeding side to next production process by friction-driving principle. Long time contact with the material will wear the belt to some extent, and the accumulated material also obstructs the regular working of the conveyor. Thus, the sludge cleaning device is very necessary in the stone processing line, which can clean the belt regularly.

  The principle of the cleaner is similar to the scraper, cleaning the material long-time attaching on the belt. On the one hand, it ensures the production run smoothly, on the other hand, it causes no pollution to the following material. Based on the structure, the cleaner can be divided into four types. The first one is the spring cleaner, which separates the material by the elastic force of the spring. But the contact area of coil and material is very small, so the cleaning effect is not very good.  The second one is alloy rubber cleaner. It mainly relies on the elastic force of the rubber rob. Additionally, the material of the scraper, changed from rubber to carbide, leans closely to the surface of belt after the material separating with the belt. Then all the cleaning process is complete. Alloy cleaner is installed at the head of the roller, and the principle is similar to the spring cleaner.

  The third belt conveyor cleaner is the common used carbide scraper cleaner. It accounts for very high share on the market, mainly due to the adoption of carbide scrapper. The cleaning effect is reached by adjusting weight block to change the pressure of scraper to belt. Carbide scraper cleaner has single piece and double pieces two types, providing many choices for customers to select. The last one comes to the air cleaner. It is mainly installed at the middle and the two ends of the belt conveyor, which has a good collection function for the scattered material during the transmission.


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