Cryogenic ultrafine mill, make the high hardness material easier to be crushed

Cryogenic pulverizer is used for the treatment of some material which can’t be crushed at room temperature while can be done after be cooled at a low temperature. It uses the liquid nitrogen as the cold source, and achieves better crushing effect by adjusting the temperature according to the material’s character.

It can’t be crushed or even cause fire and explosion if the material has low melting point, low boiling point, or easily get soft and sticky while heated. Therefore, we must take special action on the material to meet the requirement. In the early 20th century, people began to explore the combination of freezing and crushing, that is, to make the material at a state of embrittlement by cooling. This technology is especially suitable for the material that can’t be crushed at room temperature. Thus, cryogenic mill emerges as the times require.

Cryogenic ultrafine mill consists of hopper, grinding mill, blower, cyclone, vibrating screen, and liquid nitrogen tank. It uses liquid nitrogen as the cold source to make the material crushed, explosion proof and anti oxidation. Firstly, the material should be cooled to a low temperature, and then the cooled stuff is transferred into the grinding chamber. The high-speed rotation of impeller makes the stuff grind with vane, gear ring also among each other. Under the combined action of impact, collision and friction, the material is crushed. After this, the crushed material is carried into classifier for screening, and rough stuff will be recycled back into the grinding chamber for re-grinding. The whole system is closely sealed up and circulated, and the liquid nitrogen is also recyclable, which allows the energy to be fully utilized.

Cryogenic grinding equipment is widely used in these industries, such as mining, chemical, petrochemical, machinery, shipping, automotive and electronics, ect, and it has better performance when handling materials with fibrous(like herbs, fungus), high toughness(like animal horns ,cotton) and high hardness (such as diamond, ceramic). The cooling temperature and output size are both adjustable according to customer’s requirement. To achieve the best crushing effect, customers must consider the brittle point of different material and choose the right temperature, even though the temperature can be reduced to -196 degrees. For the output size, this type of grinding mill can reach 10-700 mesh, customers can adjust it according to their needs easily and quickly.


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