The ultrafine crusher for mineral opened a new way help resource utilization in Dujiangyan

The full use of resources as a slogan in domestic and international became more and more popular, At first is to resource construction waste. According to related statistics, Dujiangyan arises 1500 million tons of construction waste at least in one year. How does Government solve this problem using crusher for construction material, let's analyze the resource optimization program under the guidance of the new energy policy

Dujiangyan is the "World Water Conservancy culture originator ", not only the famous scenic spots, but also a major representative of water conservancy construction. Ultrafine crusher for minerals play an important role in the project of Dujiangyan , we should to do the follow-up work and handling construction waste well to make" Land of Abundance" better in order to do that ,we should Pay attention to three areas before recycle the construction waste.

1, first of all, to recycle 1500 million tons of construction waste, we should consider about the balance between the capacity of recycled products and the demand of market
2, the majority of construction waste materials are reprocessed into products, due to the low investment, high value-added products, and match mechanism of operating costs and profits in business.
3, take quality of recycled products meet the demand from market in mind, whether there is a competitive advantage.

The project of Dujiangyan has full use of resources from natural, change the waste worth re-use. Up till now , it’s the only one" ecological engineering" in the whole world , Certainly ,the re-integration of construction waste from Dujiangyan is a new ecological projects The Government chooses Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co., Ltd. though tender . Shibang Machinery designed two production lines for these sub- projects, one production line use the crusher for chemical materials for construction waste, the annual capacity is 40 million tons. Another production line is to make the material into new building materials which do environmentally friendly, annual output 700,000 tons

There are three tips to recycle the construction waste from Dujiangyan . at first, need a primary crusher to broken the waste into different size of aggregate and screening , cleaning the crushed material Second feed the material with cement lime and other material for process in the Refractory crusher to uniformly mixed and stirred , Finally, make concrete block use the cast molding according to the market needs. Optimize the use of construction waste in the project, the crusher for recycle construction waste opened a new ways The relevant person who charge in the project said that the recycle of construction waste from Dujiangyan is under construct, , the total investment to purchase the equipment cost about RMB 400 million, but the annual output will reach RMB 1500 million . Miracles always take place here in Dujiangyan, and the witness of this miracle is the ultrafine crusher for construction waste struggling on crushing production line.

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