Ask and answer: Soft-start mode and specification of belt conveyor

Belt conveyor in the specification describes the equipment related to technical parameters,here summarizes some issues that customers encounter in production,

 Here is a summary of issues that some users encounter in the selection and purchase of belt conveyor,and gives specific solutions. Hope it can help you to understand more thoroughly the structure and performance of belt conveyor in the specification.

Q1: What are the key factors affecting the capacity of belt conveyor?

    A1: Capacity of belt conveyor is closely related with the device model and technical parameters,the most direct difference is reflected in the width,running speed,the delivery of materials properties and the mounting angle etc. The specification of belt conveyor will have installation and operation process,and advises users to learn more.

Q2: What is the soft-start, what are the ways of soft-start?

A2: With the integration of technology and foreign equipment,has been updated in the product structure and the presence of soft-start mode is an obvious example. The most common soft-start devices are mainly hydraulic speed regulating device,Boss system,variable speed couplings,CST system controllable drive technology,AC motor soft-starters,transmission fluid viscosity and frequency control devices etc. Soft-start mode is mainly used in the production of long distance and large capacity,it can be through the reducer and frequency to control the power,to achieve the greatest degree of smooth transport.

Q3: Performance of the same production line is different,what are the limitations of conveying materials?

A3: As the continuous automatic production equipment,belt conveyor can achieve 500 tons per hour and the capacity is considerable. The limitations are mainly embodied on the material. The material is affected by the periodic amplitudes and the mutual friction on the belt conveyor,very easy to cause the material crack and broken, or will have a certain impact on the material surface texture. Here to remind you,belt conveyor must be installed speed reducer and use the soft-start model to ensure balance and continuity of the transport.

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