Urbanization promotes the sales growth of ultrafine crusher and grinding mill

The government re-emphasized the importance of boosting domestic demand in the Two Sessions 2013,and make it the strategic policy of economic development. Urban construction has become a priority for development. The Urbanization in the next decade will drive 40 trillion investments, which is bound to bring the large volume growth of crusher and grinding mill along.

With the deepening of Scientific Outlook on Development and the rising voice of energy conservation and emission reduction, the construction of ecological civilization would become the theme of machinery manufacturing industry in 2013,thus environmentally friendly, energy conservation and emission reduction ,ecological construction has become more important than ever. It will lead the crusher and grinding mill moving towards efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly direction.

The Two Sessions in 2013 highlighted the expansion of domestic demand which made it the driving force to promote economic development, and the enhancement of urbanization. With the encouragement of urbanization, the government also pays attention to the recycling of construction waste, which is bound to drive the rapid development of crusher and grinding mill and put forward higher requirements on the construction waste handling equipments. It’s a urgent need to have a crushing and grinding equipment with large capacity, high efficiency of election ,and reliable m=operation ,like small-sized crusher and grinding mill, medium-sized crusher and large-scale mobile crushing station.
Based on the size of the final product, the crushing and grinding equipments can be divided into several types, like crusher ,grinding mill, medium speed mill, ultrafine crusher, ultrafine mill, super-micro mill, etc. Coarse grinding mill is used to processing the product 0-20mesh.Ordinary mill is suitable for 0-325 mesh. Fine mill is for 0-80 mesh, and ultrafine mill is needed when the final product is below 80 mesh. Grinding equipments are mainly used for processing various non-flammable material with Mohs hardness of 7 and humidity below 6%(with hot air, the humidity of the material can even reach 10%-12%),such as soil, nonmetallic minerals, metallic oxides and chemical composition.

The crushing and grinding equipments for construction adopts advanced structure of similar product worldwide, updates and improves the design based on the peer. All the wearing parts are made of the wearable high chromium cast iron. Compared with ball mill, this type of mill is high efficiency, low power consumption, small occupied area, and a small disposable investment.

The use of process is the most important thing for the majority of consumers. To ensure the long-term and high efficiency working of the device, there are some aspects that we must pay attention to during the using time:

1. Feeding: feeding should be uniform. Excessive feeding makes the duct blocked, and the motor easily burn out, while charging too little reduces the yields.
2. Fineness adjustment: different size of material, hardness, moisture content and proportion, the processing fineness is different accordingly. You can adjust the analyzer on the top. High speed, fineness, low speed, low fineness.
3. Lubrication: the equipments must run under a good lubrication condition, otherwise it will damage the bearing and shorten working life. Maintenance: refuel the spindle once per shift.
4. Wear: non-metal block into the machine, otherwise it will damage the grinding roller and ring, or even the center hanger.

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