Exclusive Analysis:Change an angle to recognizing the superfine powder grinding equipment

Through the interview to the author who wrote the book named “Change an angle to recognizing the powder grinding equipment " , learning prospects and future development of superfine powder grinding equipment , provide new ways and development for the existing mineral

Recently, there is a book sold very fire in mining industry, named “Change an angle to recognizing the powder grinding equipment " we are going to Interview the original author of the book right now, talking about his views on the technology of superfine powders.

Interviewer: Hello, thanks for your time to accept our interview. Could you talk about the original motivation for you to write this book with us?

Author: Overall, I think there is a great potential development in micro-grinding products, the traditional grinding equipment has encountered a bottleneck in development process, they have met a variety of problems in actual production process. in addition ,there is a great demand of high purity superfine powders in the process of mineral during next few years ,which is a process must to go through in the deep-processing industry, but also the significance of superfine powder mill arise.

Interviewer: I see. Could you talk about the characteristics of the coming superfine powder grinding equipment?

Author: As mentioned in my book “Change an angle to recognizing the powder grinding equipment " , there will be some restructuring change by superfine powder grinding equipment to match the demand of market , mainly in follows:
1 , users were asked to give an unified evaluation criteria method to quantify the powder grinding equipment , what kind of products are qualified in the end should have a real reference standards.
2 On the existing basis of superfine grinding equipment, perfecting size distribution, control the type of final particles, optimizing the production processes, research dispersible and controllable of final powder to match the requirement on the mineral fineness from market.
3 ,Achieve a wider application field of the products , not only in mining and mineral processing industry , but also play an important role in modern industry like ceramics, catalytic materials, coating materials, electronic information materials, energy and environmental protection, biomedicine etc

Interviewer: The principle of the superfine and fine grading may including size、size characteristics and characterization of superfine powders , could you tell us how to achieve them?

Author: currently,there are some machines such as ball mill , ultrafine grinding and MTW series trapezium mill focus on fine grading , the principle and devices of all these machines are worth learning In order to achieve superfine grinding , there is a need to add powder drying and processing equipment in the new powder production line we should take care on the dewatering and classification at the end of production process so that we can achieve superfine grinding

Interviewer: I think I have understand the theory of your research, thank you very much.

Author: You're welcome.

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